Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweater coming along

The sweater I began last month is almost finished. All I have left are the sleeves, and I need some advice. First of all, as you can see in the above picture (click to enlarge), there are nifty side slits, which lie neatly on the model in the picture. But I was dismayed that both sides of mine curl right up. Note the heavy scissors I have laying across the bottom to keep it from turning up.

I went back to the yarn store and asked them about it, and the lady told me about blocking the sweater once I'm finished. I've never blocked anything before, but she assured me it would help, except for the unfortunate fact that the garter stitch is right in the crease of my lap when I'm sitting. Hmmm. She suggested that I turn it under and sew it down. I'm wondering what you knitters out there think.

I also decided to go ahead and make the sleeves three-quarter length rather than full length, since I notice that the most favorite sweaters I wear all the time have them. I'm going to do it and forget the pattern. Does anybody know about blocking? The sweater is 50% llama and 50% wool, which I'm told will take a wet block just fine. But I'm just not sure about getting a wool sweater wet and putting it in the shape I want.

You might also notice that halfway down the torso the variegated pattern of the yarn is slightly different. I suspect I didn't check the dye lots and got one with a little different color, but it's not too different and there's NO WAY I would tear it out to fix that!

The other thing, before I go, is that Lucy over at Secrets for Happiness gave me an award, and I'd like to acknowledge her and say (blush) thanks so much for thinking of me! I received the award earlier from AL, and I'll add Lucy's name here and tell you why I am not going to send it along to others, if you read this post that answers the questions that the blog rules ask for.

I think I'll be done with the sweater soon, especially since I'm going to shorten the sleeves. It does fit, and I'm looking to use the leftover yarn (quite a lot of it) to learn how to felt, since apparently this type of yarn is truly magnificent when felted. I think I'll try mittens if I can find the right pattern.

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Seattle to see the Flower Show for this year. Last year's show was supposed to be the final one, but somehow another one popped up. I had a great time then, and I'll be sharing with you my pictures and the whole event!


  1. DJan, I love the blue! It is beautiful, you are so talented!! You could try blocking it..if it still rolls you could sew it up then. My Aunts always used to block their newly knitted sweaters..they laid on the floor on towels for days drying. I am with you on the three quarter length sleeves..I bet this is going to be a favorite sweater of yours:)

  2. It's already gorgeous. I am such a novice when it comes to knitting that I'm pleased to have a clue what blocking is. Needless to say, I've never done it:) I'm sure that you will figure it out and love the end product.

  3. Great job on the sweater! I have never blocked any sweaters, so I am afraid I cannot help you!

    Can't wait to see your gorgeous flower show pictures!

  4. I love the shorter sleeves. They're more practical for me. It's a beautiful color!

    I've noticed with my crocheting that I can control the curl by the way I turn it. No can do with knitting! I have a couple of store-bought sweaters that do the same thing. I actually press them down with my steam iron.

    Here is a good article about blocking:
    http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter02/FEATdiyknitter.html Let me know how it turns out.

  5. Hmm DJ I am not a knitter, but I love knitted shirts. From my own observation, you must have pulled the yarn tightly that's why it curls, so maybe you have to make a little allowance for every stitch or knit you make hahaha. I don't know anymore, but I like the color and the style, it will go well with a nice long sleeves shirt underneath, if it will stay that way (short sleeves), can you picture? That's cool.

    Okay have fun with the flower show and don't forget to bring pictures. Bye.


  6. I have heard Patty talk about blocking things she has knitted but didn't pay much attention. I think she also does that on hats.

  7. The sweater looks wonderful -- love the color. I'm not a knitter so cannot be of help with the curl up. If you do a hem, how about some very light drapery weights or something similar, perhaps a weighted tape?

  8. I love the slits on the sides, the color and the fact that you are going to make the sleeves three quarter!! It is a beautiful sweater!! I have no advice because I have only knitted 1 pair of slippers (years ago) and now just started back knitting scarves. Oh I forgot the afgan that took me 30 years to make. Yes you read that right!! I think I will take some pictures and post them. Good luck!!

  9. It is a beautiful shade of blue. I can't offer much of an opinion on what to do. I know very little about knitting. Hope you find a satisfactory answer. That is going to be a very lovely sweater when it is all finished.

  10. The sweater looks great. I would put a damp cloth over it and iron it flat. If that doesn't work, I would sew the edge under. Sometimes this happens. You could try knitting it again in a different type of wool and see if it still curls.
    I never wear three quarter sleeves unless over a polo neck cotton T=shirt. I would have such cold arms if I wore three quarter sleeves, brrrr.
    Blessings, Star

  11. Hi DJ,
    You've done a beautiful job on the sweater. Stockinette stitch (knit a row, purl a row) always curls. It looks like a different stitch was done on the bottom inch or so which does help. The way I block (and I do it all the time) is to lay the sweater on your ironing board and shape it and maybe even hold it straight and even on the ironing board with pins, then put a towel over the sweater, and with a steam iron press the towel on top of the sweater until a lot of damp steam gets onto the towel. I would then turn the sweater inside out and do the same on the other side. Then remove the towel when it looks as though it's steamed enough and is laying flat. Leave it held down or pinned to the ironing board until dry. It should be straight and flat and be good to go. Let me know how that works out. If there is still a problem let me know and I'll ask my knitting guru at my yarn shop.
    Good luck.
    Have fun with the felting. Keep in mind that you need to knit whatever it is quite a bit bigger than you actually want it because when you felt it, it shrinks up a lot.
    Can't wait to hear on both.

  12. What Nina said! I know nothing about knitting but I know I really like the color and style. When I first saw it I thought you were going to leave it with short sleeves and, like Al, thought it would be fabulous with a long sleeve shirt underneath. My next choice would be the 3/4 length. I'm looking forward to seeing you model it.


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