Monday, November 16, 2009

Windy weather

We are in the middle of a high wind warning, until noon today. I listened to the wind blow all night long, and this morning there has been no letup. The weather forecast says we will have gusts exceeding 60 mph (96 kmh) this morning. I believe it. In Boulder, we would have windstorms of this magnitude, but the windspeed was much higher, around 100 mph. The atmosphere is much thicker here at sea level versus 5000 feet elevation, so there is more air to push around, I suspect. I remember once when we had a windstorm overnight that blew roofs away and in one case, a whole house. Going to work the next day was like traveling through an earthquake zone.

The wind is expected to diminish a little today, then pick up again tonight, even stronger than last night. I shiver to think about it. In a few minutes I will be heading out to catch the bus to town, and although it's windy, it's not cold. Not a good day for an umbrella, either.

I got my test results back from the ultrasound: totally normal. My symptom has lessened but not completely gone away, and although the culture was negative, I am expected to take a round of antibiotics. The good news is that whatever is causing the symptom, it's not scary. I will use the wind storm to scare myself while I knit my new scarf. If you enlarge the picture you can see the pattern. I'm having fun...



  1. Hooray on the ultrasound!! And the scarf looks great!

  2. Hi, just catching up. My daughter has the most obnoxious router - it kicks me off every time I try to leave a comment on a blog!

    Hope all is well with you, but I guess if you've been to the doctor than you are on the mend. I'll have to read back to see what's happening.

    Love the scarf. Did you do the expensive yarn?

    We get unbelievable wind gusts here, too. Maybe a storm blowing in?

  3. Thankfully we just got cloudy sky and a promise of rain yet to arrive. I like your photo of the wind and water but it is not for me -- that kind of life. I am stuck on cornfields and soy beans I guess but truth is I would prefer a one family farm for each of us consisting of 1 acre or less and empty pockets for life. I wonder what the population of the planet would be like? I know people might not use so much poison on everything under the sun.

  4. I hate when the wind is that ridiculous. Fortunately it doesn't happen here often; we're surrounded by mountains that block most of the weather extremes.
    The scarf is beautiful! I am hoping to be able to actually knit in pattern eventually. So far I always manage to get screwed up somewhere along the way if I try anything special. Perhaps knitting as a mindless task is the way to go for me. By the time I get to knitting I've used up most of my mental energy!

  5. D-Jan,there's thunder and rain here,it's almost midnight now.I love that winter's here.
    Glad your test was negative,I hope you get well soon.I will come back in the morn and read more.Your scarf looks nice,wish I could do that.

    Good day to you & good night to me.

  6. I'm so happy to hear your good news. I'm sure the waiting part was really difficult.

    We had a huge windstorm here a year ago. Our electricity was out for almost a week. It was awful! Don't blow away!

  7. Sorry to hear you have not been up to par, but am glad to hear the good ultrasound news. I recently had a symptom, culture negative, but took a round of sulfa and everything is back to normal. I hope the same goes for you.

    The wind sounds ugly.

    The pattern for the scarf is really, really lovely. Thanks for posting a picture.

  8. Beautiful lace pattern in your scarf. What is the yarn you used? I'm a knitter myself.
    Recently new to your blog via Robynn's Ravings & Sniffles and Smiles.

  9. We don't get strong wind storms too often, but when they come through it is scary. We have 100+ year old trees that hang near our house. I always imagine them toppling over. I wish the neighbors that own them would cut them down.
    I am glad to hear your ultrasound was okay. I am sure that eases your mind.

  10. The wind is one of the things I dislike about November. We've been lucky this year though and not had much. Glad your tests went well.

  11. So happy to hear about your good ultrasound!!

    I hate winds like that. I get all nervous.
    If it happens during the night, I cling on my husband like a clam.
    He laughs at me and tells me to relax, but I just can't sleep when it is howling outside!

  12. DJ, I know how it feels...the strong winds that could topple a house. I saw a roof once and I was so scared I thought our house was the next! Anyway be safe my friend and as for the scarf that's a pretty little thingy!


  13. I'm glad the wind blew in good news!

  14. I heard this morning that you all had another windy night..unreal. I was thinking about you..and my brother that lives in Oregon.
    We are so protected back here in the woods that when the wind gets this far back in the woods it is gale force.
    your scarf is lovely! I am so glad that your ultrasound came back ok..and hope you are feeling better:)

  15. Late yesterday we had a wind advisory then last night it went to a high wind warning. Looks like it used up most of its energy in your area, the highest gust we had was 51mph, pretty tame for here.

    Glad to hear the results were negative, I hope it is completely cleared up soon. I love the scarf, glad you are having fun with it.


  16. Yay for the good test results! I've been praying, and I'm glad everything is OK. Stay safe in the storm tonight, don't blow away! :)


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