Friday, November 6, 2009

My turn

Today my wonderful husband will drive back up to Vancouver to rescue my iMac. My laptop has been my trusty sidekick this past week, and I've been very happy to have it. Otherwise I would have been (gasp!) unconnected to my cyber coffee klatch, to my news stories, or even to my own blog. So life is good in that way.

My other concern is that I spent yesterday at the doctor's office, like so many of my cyber friends have been doing lately. I hope I didn't pick up any flu bug by being around all those sick people. I also missed my weekly Thursday hike, because the only time I could get in to see the gynecologist was yesterday. It was our first scheduled local hike and one I missed last year, up to Oyster Dome. I will have to wait a few months before we go there again to get pictures. I wasn't all that motivated to go yesterday anyway, since we were having horrendous winds in the 40-50 mile range, and I wondered about trees blowing down on me. I hope everyone had a good time without me.

So now it's my turn to have health issues. Not sure what endometritis is exactly, but I seem to have it. An ultrasound next week will tell the tale for sure. I made the appointment for the ultrasound and they told me to come in with a full bladder! Yikes! I don't DO that any more; don't they know about the old-lady syndrome of having, well, difficulty when you just gotta go? But I'm sure some of my friends out there have been through this before and survived it, so I will too. It helps to know I'm not the first.

And lastly, some wonderful blogger friend gave us all this beautiful rose, and I would thank her if I could remember who she was. It's terrible having memory problems like this, but then again I'm also not alone in this category.  I think I have reconciled myself to losing short-term memory. Maybe one of you will remind me, and I'll say thank you again. It's a lovely rose, and a lovely thought behind it.

This will be my last post on the laptop for this round, and I must say I won't miss the cramped crowded screen or the lack of power. That iMac is just so quiet and fast that I get a little spoiled when I come back here for any length of time. The laptop will be three years old next month and I'll lose my AppleCare coverage. They figure three years is all you are supposed to use any computer and so I am expecting it to just fall apart next month like most things do when the warranty runs out. Until then, though, I'll keep using it, very happily. God bless.


  1. Hope you have a safe trip to Vancouver to retrieve your computer. I would be lost without my laptop. My desktop version is old, cranky, and way too slow, but I can't part with it yet until I find out how to get rid of all my hidden info on the hard drive.
    Sorry to hear about your health issues. Not much fun but many cases of endometritis can be treated with medication.

  2. I understand your feelings about the computer.
    When mine was giving trouble (almost a month) I thought it was a catastrophe, and only this week, i've been able to get it to behave once again. It's funny how these things creep into our lives, and then we can't seem to do without them.
    Your health problem...I wish you the best. It's common, and most doctors want to perform a hysterectomy, especially at "our age" lol.
    Sorry you missed your hike, but I'm glad you took time to sort your health out.
    Have a great weekend !

  3. Hiking would definately win out over the gyno. But it's a good thing you went since there might be some trouble down there. I'll hope for the best.

  4. My desktop's name is Howard. We had a love/hate relationship. I felt guilty when I got Lola, but she lets me write and blog from the comfort of my bedroom chair!

    I do understand the short-term memory problem and the old-lady bladder thing! nuff said...

  5. Well, it's no fun to miss out on a hike for the Drs office but it sounds necessary. Perhaps you'll be back on track shortly. I will certainly hope so. I've been thinking that perhaps pregnancy is one way to give us a little insight into the physical aspects of the aging process. I too have to make sure I'm never far from a bathroom, and I'm getting to the point where it's necessary to brace myself before I sneeze! Not to mention the sweats and the chills or the memory issues and hormonal anomalies. Ahh, the beauty of creation...
    I certainly hope your desktop is just as it should be! We bought a MacBook Pro not long ago because we were tired of the constant fighting with the Dell. It's the first Mac I've ever used and I'm in love, love, love! If only I could figure out what I'm doing half the time. Still, there isn't any frustration that's quite the same as computer frustration. So I'm glad you are getting yours back.

  6. I hope that they put you on the proper antibiotics. I do hope you are feeling better soon..old lady stuff..full bladders and a shrinking memory..par for the course:)

  7. I'm sorry you had to miss your hike, that's a really not-fun reason to miss it. I have had more full-bladder ultrasounds than I can count, Being six months pregnant with twins and having a full bladder is not the easiest thing in the world. Try not to pee on the ultrasound tech, OK? HeeHee!

    Hope the endometriosis is not serious. I'll be praying!

  8. Hi DJ, do you think it's the iMac which has endometritis? Of course not, who would have want her computer to get sick, not me! If you're iMac is old mine is older...I have been using my iBook for 5 years now and the only time I brought it to the service center was when it's battery was recalled. There was one time that it died, meaning it just wont work! And I was so upset that my files was stuck in there! I kept the iBook in my closet and use PC for the three months. I just thought of turning it on one night when a miracle happened. I heard the sound of it (you know the sound of Mac when we turn it on) duunn! And I was jumping for joy hahahaha was very happy then.
    I love me Mac.

    Oh please please take care of yourself DJ and hope to see you blog soon.


  9. Both me and my youngest daughter had endometriosis, badly. I had a hysterectomy about 15 years ago, and it was the best thing I EVER did to feel better.
    My youngest had endo when she was very young and was always scared she could never get pregnant after some procedures...but guess what? Yep, she is expecting her first baby this spring.
    Hope you feel better soon, whatever they discover and whatever you decide. I know how much being active is important to you. Give yourself time to recuperate if you have any procedures done. You will be in my thoughts.

  10. I'm glad your getting your computer back, I can't imagine being without one for any length of time. Have a safe trip to Vancouver. Sorry you missed you hike but I guess it was for the best. I never had endometriosis and it not something I've read up on either, hope you can get it cleared up quickly. Short term memory, it gets all of us.


  11. The next full-size computer or laptop I get will be a Mac for sure. First computer I had was a Mac. When Mike and I combined households, we didn't have room for two computers and he made his living with his, I learned to use his computer. By the time we had the room, my little Mac was way of of date. Now that he's retired, he's using photography for fun instead of work. (See
    As to your body - remember it's just the vehicle and all vehicles wear out. Though I must experience the body's deterioration, I don't have to confuse things and believe that "I" am deteriorating. This has been especially apparent to me after this year of brain surgeries. (See

  12. I had endometriosis as a teenager. I had difficult menstral pain and shooting pains in my legs to contend with. Then I grew out of it - thank God! Hopefully you ae not suffering any pain but I understand that the cells can escape into the bloodstream and cause pain wherever they end up. Good luck with your treatment, hope you feel better soon.

  13. Dear D-jan, I'm glad you've got your baby back. Funny how our blogging lives interweave isn't it! I had a problem with my headset this week, in fact I broke it!! had to buy another one so I could talk to Larry on Skype - most important that. By the way, it was me who sent you the rose.
    Sorry about your endometrius or however you spell it. Sounds horrid anyway. Yep, I was there yesterday too at the doctor's office. I came away with some HRT tablets!
    Blessings, Star


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