Saturday, November 7, 2009

Guardian angels

Do you believe in guardian angels? I do. This picture was one of my mother's favorites and she had it hanging in her bedroom for years. I think it had some special significance to her, but the significance of this picture for me now comes from her. It is a lovely thought. In trying to find out what other people think about guardian angels, I found that many religions have a place for them: Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism, and ancient Greek philosophy.

Many decades ago I went to a faith healer who purported to channel your guardian angel(s). I don't remember her name now, but she told me I had one for many years and then in the mid-1970s I gained another. She told me their names. She was a small sort of mousy woman that you wouldn't look twice at on the street. Shy about her ability, she didn't advertise but had people come to her by word of mouth. She allowed you to record the session (which I think I did but it's so long ago I'm not sure). It was strange to watch her: she traced a circle on the palm of her hand with the index finger of her other hand as she stared at the air above my head as if she could see them. She told me what they had to say to me, which is lost in my own personal antiquity now. She took no notes.

Perhaps five years later, I visited her again. She went into that same trance and told me their names again. Very unusual names that I have never told anyone. Now maybe she wrote all that down after I left the first time, but when she knew their names again, I became a believer. I asked her how she knew their names, and she laughed and said that they told her.

She also said that they had some special words for me, which I haven't forgotten. Little did I know the trials and tribulations I would face in life. I call on the angels when I feel the need, and I often feel their presence. The reason they came to mind for a post is that I had a health problem on Wednesday and called the doctor. I went to see him the next day, Thursday, instead of going on my usual Thursday hike. He wanted me to see a gynecologist and said he would try to get me in to see one in our clinic before the end of the week.

I had a call from his nurse minutes after returning home, and she said I had an appointment that very afternoon. Now I haven't been to a gyno doc in years, so of course I went on the internet and read all about this guy, and he got nothing but rave reviews. When I went for the visit, his office staff and he himself were all very helpful and put me at ease. After the exam, he suggested an ultrasound, which I have scheduled for this coming Wednesday. Feeling relieved and well taken care of, I went to the window to see if I was to schedule myself or if it would be done for me. The lady at the window shook her head in wonder that I was able to see this doctor, who is booked until December, so quickly. She told me that she had had a cancellation less than five minutes before my doctor called to see if I could have an appointment soon. It's not often that an hour-long appointment would open up -- ever.

Was that my guardian angels at work? I think so, and it's caused me to think of all the times in the past that something has intervened in my life to help me. Whatever the cause, I am ever so grateful. And of course I wanted to share this with my cyber klatch.


  1. Yes, we all have guardian angels. We need them in this world today, don't we. I certainly believe in them. I've never seen an angel (yet) but I think I will one day. Of course, some people have angels within them too, don't they. When we meet them, we just know, don't we :)
    ps it was me who gave you the yellow rose :)
    Blessings, Star

  2. I believe in them.. I really do. My grandmother had that very picture in her 'guest' room for years and years and years. I wanted it when she died, but so did one of my cousins (which was fine).. My parents ended up buying me a print of it and framed it for me for Christmas a couple years ago. I treasure it.

  3. If it wasn't for my guardian angel my little spot on the internet would be blogless and you wouldn't be reading my comment.
    I wish you the best, I know it's easy to tell someone not to worry...just think positive!
    Sunny :)

  4. Oh, dear...I hope that it isn't too serious...I will keep you in my prayers!!! You can count on it...and I will anxiously await the results of your tests...But thank goodness for extra special care!! You are indeed blessed. Beautiful painting!!! Love to you, my new special friend! ~Janine XO

  5. I have this picture also. It was given to me by my mother. My grandmother had it first and I used to sit at her place and stare at it in fascination. She knew how much it meant to me and made sure I got it. I treasure it now. It will be passed down to my oldest grandson. It has a soothing and peaceful quality. I believe that angels walk among us and I am reminded everytime I look at this picture.

  6. Beautiful picture. I have never seen it before. I do believe that we have guardian angels..some are working overtime.
    I am hopeful that your medical problems will be easily solved. It was meant to be that you are under the care of this Doctor:)

  7. All of us has DJ. I believe in them and sometimes there things in life that was intervened by our guardian angels. Once we got lost in the middle of nowhere and the car was having some trouble. There were no houses around that area, the only things that we saw were tall grasses and the long stretch of highway, there were no electric posts around so we were very scared. Anything can happen to us, and we have to bring the car to the nearest gas station. We prayed a lot, I prayed to all angels and saints to just bring us to the nearest station. And yes the car made it, the end of that long highway was a gas station and we were all relieved. I know they all gathered and joined forces to push the car LOL. How heavenly.


  8. I'm not sure if I believe in them or not. I do believe that God intervenes in our lives. He may do this directly or through a guardian angel. In any case, I'm glad you're safe in His hands!

  9. Oh your story stirred up a memory thatI have about healers. I think I will write a post abooutit sometime. I hope to God there are Angels and I believe I have been helped in the past in my darkest hours. I hope your angels are walking beside you now. Fingers crossed for your treatment and a good outcome. X

  10. after I lost my Mum, I became very interested in exploring spirituality and it has taken me on a very unexpected journey (which I am still on).

    angels, and those that have passed over, often seem so close, so real, it seems churlish not to acknowledge their help and guidance.

    I know yours will be with you on Wednesday.

    I'm sending prayers, and healing energy dear lady :)

  11. So interesting!! I believe in something..not sure if it is angels or "guides" assigned to me since birth (or reincarnation, which I may have chosen at the time).
    I am interested in hearing more of what that lady told you the message was from your Guardian angels too.
    Good luck on your tests, I am sure they will be right there holding your hand through everything.

  12. I do hope everything will be okay. I believe God works in mysterious ways...perhaps this time it really was through a guardian angel.

    In any case, you'll be in my prayers...Jan

  13. A very interesting post DJan. My parents had the same picture in our house. I'm not sure if I believe in guardian angels but if I do have one I'm sure it's patience with me has been tested on many occasions.

    I hope the tests on Wednesday go well and everything turns out for the best. You will be in my thoughts the entire time.



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