Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am sitting here at my computer, replete after a wonderful, perfect meal with my husband. This plate has the best salmon I ever ate, a yam salad, broccoli and asparagus (steamed), and sliced beets, prepared by Smart Guy yesterday. For dessert we had Food Co-op pumpkin pie with whipped cream. To say I am stuffed is an understatement.

I looked for pictures from Thanksgiving meals past, and interestingly, they were all taken after the fact, not before the meal when the table was groaning to hold everything, but afterwards, when everybody was looking at less than their best. This picture was the only one I found that actually showed the meal, 2005, taken in Virginia at my niece Allison's home. She was smart: the entire meal was catered and brought to us already prepared. Compare the greens here with the first meal: no comparison.

The salmon in our meal today was a gift from a coffee shop friend who fishes in Alaska several months of the year. He gave us our salmon last Thanksgiving, too, but this was without a doubt the best salmon I have ever tasted. He said it would be good because the sockeye salmon this year is oilier than last year's. Whatever, it was superb. I'll be having the rest of it tomorrow for lunch.

Among the things I have to be thankful for this year include you, dear reader. I find that I cherish our connection and the opportunity to know about your lives as you follow mine. The cyber-coffee klatch brings so much opportunity for connection into my life. I sometimes go to each follower's page and read up on your life, and although it's impossible to keep totally up to date, I trust that anyone who might want to contact me directly knows that my email is on my profile page. I welcome you into my circle of friends.


  1. Dearest DJ,
    And THANK YOU for the lovely e-card, and for your treasured friendship!!!! You are a blessing to all of us!!! I am thankful today especially for such a warm and caring friend!!! Your friendship means a great deal to me!!! BTW, your salmon looks simply delicious!! Love to you~Janine XO

  2. D-Jan,Happy thanksgiving day!Well, I can see you enjoyed yourself and me's glad.hehe!
    The food looks wonderful!I love fish,steamed,grilled,fried with a dollop of olive oil,baked in a banana leaf,fish curry (gravy)....I know lots of ways to cook it.Yum!
    Thank you for your lovely messg.My E-mail....

  3. DJ, I like the simplicity of the meal on your table. Maybe that is what it's all about...share and be thankful for whatever we have everyday. And I am so thankful to have met you...I like the salmon especially the pink ones! Love you!


  4. They are few things more perfect on this planet, than line-caught salmon :)

    So pleased you had a lovely thanksgiving.

  5. It sounds like a delicious Thanksgiving meal. The best part is having someone else prepare it for you. I am thankful for your friendship as well. You have added to my circle with your hiking journeys, photos, and wonderful way of writing. Thank you.

  6. I want the recipe for the yam salad. It looks yummy.

  7. A lovely looking meal, except for the salmon. When you live in AK, everyone fishes and always has extra. Being a single girl at the time, my friends were always giving me some of the catch. My freezer was always filled with salmon and I cooked it every way possible. Rarely touch it these days.

    I see I'm not the only one trying to figure out what you have in the yam salad, it does look good.


  8. Your thank meal looked really good..I love salmon and the steamed veggies! You are such an inspiration..I love your blog and your is a pleasure to have found you! :)

  9. What a great Thanksgiving meal! The yam salad does look yummy. We went to the Marietta Diner and there were quite a few people there too and the food was pretty good – they had a great squash casserole, Southern style and they gave us so much that we ate some tonight and still have some left. Your email card was such a nice surprise – thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and for being my friend.


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