Friday, November 20, 2009


Yesterday I finished my first knitting project in three decades, this scarf in a lace pattern, two repeating rows (click to enlarge). There is one pretty major mistake right in the middle of it, which I discovered after I'd managed to proceed forward about four inches. I decided to leave it. Made of a merino wool and silk blend, it is about two inches longer than I am tall. Lynn suggested 72" but it's about 65" and I waffled about making it longer. This is long enough to go around my neck (like this) or tie it in the front and stick the ends into my coat. It's a little more purple than it looks here.

Today I saw the Cooper's Hawk again eyeing my birdies, hanging out in the above tree. Some wag called my bird feeders a perfect hawk feeder, fattening the birds up for the kill. I watched this young hawk dive for a bird and miss, as the two of them flew out of sight. The hawk came back into a nearby tree, without having caught anybody (thank goodness). I know this is the way of the world: the little birds eat insects, the bigger birds (at least raptors and crows) eat the littler ones, and so on. I just don't want to watch anybody get killed. I've spent so much time watching the little birds at the feeders that they feel almost like, well, family.

Since I've got a captive audience here (sort of), I wondered if anybody knows exactly where birds' ears are located? They must have them, they call and sing and pay attention to sounds, but I smiled to myself when I thought of little human ears covered up with feathers...


  1. Love the scarf D-Jan. Clever you, I knew you could do it. I think you'll get a lot of wear out of it over the winter period and it is SO pretty too.
    Now I'm going to read your older posts.
    Blessings, Star

  2. Hi D-Jan, the scarf is so pretty! Lovely color. It looks so good on you!
    I'd like to learn to knit. I can do okay until I start a new row....I'm a "newbee" and need to practice more.
    Birds ears are located near their eyes and are covered with a tuft of tiny feathers.
    Happy knitting!

  3. I love your scarf, what a great job you did. The color really suits you. Now I really feel inspired to find my knitting needles.
    Sunny :)

  4. Thanks for your comments on my Blog! The scarf is great! (Knitting keeps the fingers nimble.) Hmmm..little bird ears.. I think I learned that in school an eon ago, but I can't recall the answer!

  5. The scarf turned out really nice. It is a pretty color.

    It is too bad that hawk has settled on your area as a feeding site. I wonder if there is a deterrent to hawks. Big owl statues or big balloons with eyes drawn on them to resemble owls scare away some predator birds. Just a thought.

  6. Love the scarf. It is perfect and purple is my favorite color. :D The color goes beautifully with your hair.

    Remove the feeders for a month or so. Can you scatter some seed on the ground nearby? The hawk should give up. Then put the feeders back up. Just a guess.

  7. It looks super !
    I just love that color, it suits your skin tone.
    I used to knit when I first got the house decorated, and was needing something else to do, I made an afghan for on the back of the chair. Not picked up knitting in a long time, but being inspired now, I should.
    You did a great job!

  8. Ah, nature isn't always pretty... Mickey sat outside my glass door yesterday and ate the head off a mouse. YUCK!

    Beautiful scarf!

  9. The scarf is a pretty color and I admire your talents! I used to knit but haven't done it in years.

    I never thought about where a bird's ears are. Too funny!!

  10. Very nice job on the scarf, DJan! VERY nice!!! Don't you feel a sense of accomplishment???

    Hard to see the hawks hunting the very ones you feed, but that is the circle of life. The larger bird are diminishing in number, too, so you are doing your part to help them out. Unlike humans, they only eat when they are hungry.

  11. Dearest DJ,

    The lace pattern is exquisite...and the color is so very rich!! You do fabulous work!!! And a silk/wool combo...makes for the most vivid color...I can only imagine how beautiful it must be in person...I am sorry for your little ones...wish the hawk would hunt somewhere else!!! Don't birds have little "pin-holes" under the feathering on the sides of their heads? I seem to recall something of that from to think about...You are so thoughtful! Love this post...I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know the lovely lady that I am privileged to call my friend--YOU!!! ~Janine XO

  12. I feel the same way about nature. Which can be pretty darn cut throat. I saw a big pile of fur on my walk yesterday. Someone got sucked into the circle of life! But I'm glad that usually happens when I'm not looking.

  13. The scarf is great, I love purple. The length is perfect for you but I like mine a little longer so I can use it as a hood as well on really cold days.

    Like Janine, I seem to remember something about the little holes on the side of the head but not sure. Because we live on the edge of large fields we have lots of hawks so I see them hunting all the time, nature isn't always pretty.

    PS, It's blowing like crazy over here, 50mph gust. Would you guys stop sending it this way, LOL.

  14. That's beautiful!suits you well...matches your least in this pic.What next?
    I think the lil holes in the side of their heads,are their ears.


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