Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lily and Lizard Lakes

Today ten Seniors showed up to hike to Lily and Lizard Lakes in a steady rain. Can you believe it? I was thinking that I'd show up because next Thursday is Thanksgiving and I didn't want to miss two Thursdays in a row. I figured I'd be the only one or maybe one other, and we'd cancel the hike. It was gray and rainy, with wind forecast on top of all that. But no, ten of us showed up, and we headed up in a van and a car to the trailhead.

We all started the hike with full rain gear and went up a steady trail covered with lots of detritus from the recent windstorms. As you can see above, we had another person (Frank) trying out the use of an umbrella. Thankfully it was calm when we started out. But it was wet, very wet. I had my raincoat, poncho, some new wool gloves, and my rain pants, which I put on before I even went out the door. We hiked up to Lizard Lake and stopped for lunch. We didn't stop for long, obviously, but my hot soup was glorious, and then we decided to take the trip to Lily Lake and a loop back to the trailhead. This made the whole trip just under nine miles in length and we gained maybe 1,400 feet in elevation.

Our trail was, in a word, wet. Sloppy. Here's a picture of today's trail. Very Pacific Northwest in the fall. Lizard Lake was our first stop, and as someone said, if you've seen Lizard Lake, you've also seen Lily Lake -- they are almost identical, so I'm including a picture of Lizard Lake (first picture above), which could double for Lily Lake.

On the way back down, we stopped at the bridge and I took this picture of an unnamed creek (click any picture to enlarge; this one is worth it). Even our resident expert didn't know the name of it, so I'm naming it Stewart Creek, in my honor. If anybody knows what it really is (at the beginning/end of the hike up to Lily and Lizard), I'll gladly fix the error. (Note: GeezerHiker said it's called Whitehall Creek, a pretty okay name.) We actually had a great time, and early in the afternoon the rain stopped and the wind began, and as we headed home, all of us happy to have had our weekly hike, I will end it here with a wish for everybody: Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I really do admire your stamina !
    I hope when I'm retired I will take on adventures like yours, yet I tend to think they will be more of walk in the woods, on flat land.
    Love your pictures, I feel like I've been there with you, holding up the brolly !

  2. It looks like a really beautiful place, I love the photo of Stewart Creek, good name. This time of the year if you don't go out on rainy and/or windy days you don't go out at all and what kind of fun is that?

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  3. You guys are awe inspiring. Almost ten miles in the rain! Wow. That creek was worth it, however, as I'm sure were the two lakes. Good call on the rain pants.

    Stewart Creek - it has a nice ring to it. :-)

  4. I love the picture of Stewart Creek.
    I don't venture far in cruddy weather these days unless I have to because it's just too much trouble. It makes me admire your tenacity and adventurous spirit that much more.
    Please explain how you had hot soup while out in the wind and rain.

  5. Hi Whitney, it is easy to have hot soup with a thermos! It holds one large cup full, with a built-in spoon. It was wonderful today!

  6. And here I thought you were writing a story about me! The lake is beautiful. Don't think I'd enjoy hiking uphill in the rain quite as much...

  7. Oh my! I would love to try hiking on wet grounds, I like to see mud all over my shoes, I like to see soaked leaves ahhh! Sometimes I am scared of trying it, being paranoid of landslides and all. I just wish that one day I'll meet somebody who has the guts to push me to walk in the mountains during the wet season.

    The creek looks wonderful.


  8. oh these photos and the rain remind me so much of home! have you ever been to new zealand? i know you would just love it, with your adventurous spirit and love of nature :)

  9. 9 miles! I am so impressed. I am tired just thinking about it. Love that last photo with the rushing water.

  10. I hate to break it to you, but my map shows the name of "Whitehall Creek". You've already got two mountains named after you, so what do you want already?

  11. After a hike in the rain and cold? your soup must have tasted wonderful. I like to think of you eating that soup and some really wholesome bread to go with it. I am interested in the clothes you wear for your hikes. Where do you get them and are they expensive? Is your leg quite better now? the lake is gorgeous.
    Blessings, Star

  12. These photos are GORGEOUS> you should blow up the first and last one and frame them. They are AWESOME!


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