Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blue Award

TechnoBabe has honored me with an award, a really interesting one (and my favorite color, too!). So, here's my attempt to follow the rules she has laid out, which are: (1) answer her ten questions; (2) make up your OWN ten questions, and (3) pass it along to six other bloggers. The only thing I might add is that I wish the bloggers whom I tag to know that I sincerely would like to know their answers to the questions, but if they choose not to do this, I won't mind a bit.

Here are TechnoBabe's ten questions, and my answers:

1. What is one thing you do not want to write about in your blog?
Writing about politics, sex, religion, and other controversial subjects makes me uncomfortable, but in the right context I will write about any of them. I would never write about any (possible) past drug use because of the possibility of ramifications, as I pointed out in the second half of this post.
2. If you were able to travel any place for a month, where would you want to go?
Oh, this is a hard one! If I could spend a month in France, especially Paris, for its incredible museums, architecture, the Left Bank, and then of course traveling to Versailles and absorbing the French culture. And since I don't speak French, I would love to have Vagabonde along with me to show me what I would otherwise have missed.
3. What is your favorite book reading genre?
I realize this has changed in the past few years. I once read every science fiction book I could get my hands on, but I've moved lately to really well-written novels, especially historical ones or those written about other cultures. Only rarely do I read mysteries, but I've got The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on my list because I enjoyed the movie so much. And right now I'm reading Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez about the mysterious land and creatures of the Far North. So the answer is that I don't really have one.
 4. How old do you have to be to consider yourself really old?
Well, I'm 67 right now and I'm not there yet. I think, however, if you had asked me that question when I was in my twenties, I would have considered the late sixties as being really old. Now, I'm thinking that "really old" must start at 80. I've got friends in my hiking club who are in their late seventies and still going strong.
 5. What part of blogging do you enjoy most?
The friendships, without a doubt. I have made friends who enrich my life every day, who are as real and present to me as those I see daily. Even more so, in some circumstances. I also enjoy seeing the myriad outlooks we have on the same topic; it broadens my world and causes me to think.
 6. If you were looking for a roommate, what is your ideal roomie?
An introvert (since I'm an extrovert), someone who honors my space as I would honor theirs, and someone who likes to cook (I don't). Oh, wait! I've got that roomie, and he's called my Life Partner. How lucky is that?
 7. What does the word spiritual mean to you?
"Spiritual" is an adjective that defines something else, so it varies in context. A spiritual person, to me, is someone who seeks to understand the mystical aspects of life, who is either religious in the traditional sense or follows devotional practices to enhance his or her own spiritual life. A spiritual experience can be anything that uplifts me, no matter how mundane it might be to someone else.
 8. How many siblings do you have?
I am the oldest of six siblings, with twenty years between my youngest sister and me. We also had a sister who was born prematurely and died within a day of her birth, so maybe I should say I have seven. None of these questions is easily answered, even this one. :-)
 9. Have you ever been in a car accident?
Hasn't everyone? It depends on what kind of an accident. In my twenties I ventured out in a car to go to work when the roads were a sheet of ice. I couldn't stop going down a hill and ran into the mailman in his vehicle, the only other person on the road! Nobody was badly hurt, but the vehicles didn't fare as well.
 10. Do you have a pet?
Not at the present time. When I met Smart Guy, we were both active skydivers and the only pets I had were plants, and even those had to be cared for when we were out of town for any length of time. We presently live in a no-pets apartment complex, or I would have a cat. They are my preferred pets, because they require much less attention than dogs. I have nothing but fond memories of the many cats that have owned me over the years.
 Okay! That part is done. Now I will think about my own questions I'd like to ask. But first I need to think about who I'll choose to tag so I can make sure they take awards and to figure out what I'd like to know about them. My ten questions:

1. What is your favorite book and why?
2. If you could be anybody, living or dead, who would it be?
3. What is your first memory? Why do you think you remember it?
4. What do you think is your strongest asset?
5. Do you like parties? Why or why not?
6. What is your favorite activity?
7. Why do you blog?
8. Do you get regular exercise? If so, how?
9. Are you happy? Why or why not?
10. Tell something about yourself you want to share.

Wow! That was a LOT harder to do than I thought it would be. Therefore, I'm going to list the six people I'm tagging, but if for any reason you find this award onerous and you don't want to do it, I officially release you from it. If it's not fun for you, please feel free to forget it. Drumroll, please:

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  1. I enjoyed all your answers to the questions above. It's really been fun getting to know you, and I'm glad we've become blogging friends. I too treasure each of my blog friends as very real friendships. Congrats on the blue award...your blog is the prettiest blue I've had the pleasure of visiting!
    Hope you're enjoying a relaxing Sunday.

  2. Hi DJan, you did a great job answering all the questions, and your questions for the next batch of bloggers are well thought out and will be interesting to read. Your car accident with the mail truck made me laugh. I know it wasn't funny at the time, but now it seems funny. Thanks for playing and for passing it along.

  3. DJan -- Excellent answers! Thanks for the award. It will take me a couple of days to respond to your questions and come up with my own. Let's see what happens...

  4. wow! you continue to inspire me, great answers to some pretty tough questions.

  5. Thanks Djan! This is going to take some thought...

  6. These are great. Everyone's right; this is going to require some thought!

    I completely agree that really old doesn't start until at least 80!

  7. Great to learn more about you, DJan!

  8. I really enjoyed reading your answers. You are the youngest sixty-something I know!

    I too try to avoid politics and any other controversial topic. I get enough discussion on those things in my off-line life. Plus, I've seen too much hostility out there!

  9. That was interesting to read. It's always nice to know a little bit more about a person, other than what you already know. I didn't know you didn't like cooking but luckily you have a soulmate who does. L doesn't cook either but I love cooking so it works well.
    Blessings, Star

  10. I just saw that you nominated me! Thank you so much D-Jan! To think that an old broad like me would be nominated for a techno anything? You rock!

  11. Congrats to the honorees and I enjoyed your answers!! It IS hard to do sometimes but it let's us know you more. I didn't realize you didn't have any pets. For some reason I was sure you had a cat. Intuition, I guess!! :)

  12. Great post and great answers to some very interesting questions!

    I was going to say "I'll spend a month with you in Paris!" since I speak the lingo and am relatively familiar with the city (+culture, history etc) and have local contacts, but upon reading what's at your link I see you have a much better option! ;o)

    I've created a post draft with your questions and linking back here. I won't be able to get to it anytime soon, but I promise to try! :o)

  13. It is always nice to learn more about the bloggers we visit frequently! :)


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