Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter solstice

I was wondering what I might use as a picture for the winter solstice, and I found this one on line by a fellow Bellinghamster. (I don't know her, but her Flickr site is at hopeisalot, well worth a visit). She took this one today of Bellingham Bay, at the winter solstice and named it "Stormy Sky." The solstice occurred here in the Pacific Northwest at 9:47 this morning, while I was in my exercise class.

You know how some days you wake up and all seems right with the world? That happened to me today. The wind was blowing hard but it was 54 degrees F when I walked out to catch the bus. The weather forecast said the wind was blowing in a cold front and that the temperature would drop all day. It's now 42 and raining, but the wind has stopped. At my workout session, we all seemed a little perkier and happier than usual today, with lots of well wishes for the season and remarks that now the days will start to lengthen. We have reached the nadir of darkness. Funny, I haven't really minded it, but it sure has helped to have those excellent Thursday hikes and good weather during most of them.

When I got home from the gym, I fed the birds and noticed how many there are. I must have close to a hundred of different species who see me as the Bird Lady. The chickadees always talk to me and have no fear when I'm filling the feeders. Sometimes they will even land on the far side of the feeder from me and peer over, with a lot of happy chirps, as I fill it. The other birds all stay away until I'm done, but I notice that the bushtits are getting very used to me also and get a little braver each day.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have my blogging friends, and I notice how often we leave comments at about the same time on the ones we follow. I started following some because I would read a comment left by a (then) stranger and I just had to get to know that person. I would pop over and read the blog. Now many of you feel like family. And although Facebook can be somewhat of a pain to keep up with, my friends and family made my birthday such a pleasure with all the comments. I must have re-read those birthday wishes a half dozen times and filled my cup of joy each time.

So today, the Northern Hemisphere winter solstice, Christmas week and the end of the first decade of the 21st century, there's not a whole lot in my life that I would change. Thank you for being part of my life.


  1. I LOVE this day, because it means the days will start getting longer and we are officially on our way to spring! Yippee!!

  2. Happy winter solstice, birthday and four days before Christmas!

  3. Awww DJ, this morning you made me smile. I just opened my computer, hoping that my friends would still be blogging, I thought you went off for the holidays. I am so glad that I have known you, and you're one of the sweetest person that I have met here on blog world.

    Stay happy and warm my dear friend.


  4. Back are always so encouraging with my photography site, motivating me on my blog with your sweet comments.
    I know what you mean about the day being special...about 9am today, the snow was falling verrrry slowly with snowflakes that caught the sunlight so that they looked like ice was magical...something that I couldn't capture on camera but really special.
    Thank you for visiting my blog as often as you do.
    I enjoy your blog very much!

  5. What a lovely post! Oddly enough, I had that kind of day yesterday. I had a sick kid and laundry piling up, gifts to wrap and so forth, and I was holding my daughter on the sofa thinking that it was a moment of absolute contentment.
    It's nice to hear that there are others out there that can appreciate all the little things that make up a life.
    It's funny, but I haven't minded the dark as much this year. Perhaps it's because I've got plenty on my plate so I'm not focusing on the lack of light. It'll still be nice to get back to longer days, gradual as the lengthening may be.

  6. So glad to have found you! Love your birds, love to hear about them. We used to have much the same set up, with all of the feeders, but it really isn't "encouraged" where we live now. Sometimes you have to be careful because of the bears. They've been known to come right up on the decks!

  7. It was a beautiful, wonderful day. Not just because of Winter Solstice but because we finally saw the sun for the first time in four days!

    I read everyone's comments about the lack of light. My hubby and I were talking about winters during our Alaska days over the weekend. Today in Anchorage there were about five hours between sunrise and sunset. There are advantages to living farther south.

    Happy Solstice, Happy Birthday and very soon Merry Christmas.

    PS. DJan, your blog is one I like to read when I am not rushed. I like to take my time and enjoy your stories. So sometimes I have to 'get caught up' but I want to savor each of your posts.

  8. Sorry I am behind and haven't been around to comment. I have been sick and I am trying to catch up now. Your day sounded perfect. I like it when all things seem right for no special reason. Enjoy every minute! I am glad the nadir has passed. More sun will be nice. Have a blessed Christmas my very dear friend.

  9. Yes, your day does sound perfect. And, I'm learning something about birds.

    We have one lone tree in my yard and it is just about tall enough for me to put in a bird feeder. Actually, we have two trees but the other one is a puny pecan tree that never seems to grow; and oh, a small peach tree. The problem is the trees are too small to put a bird feeder in because the dogs can get to the feeders. :D Maggie would spend her entire day underneath just waiting for a bird to devour.

    Today is also my hubby's birthday. . . Winter Solstice. We have enough summer days that I love every winter day, rain, cold, sunny, sometimes snow, or misty, whatever.

  10. I love this day because, as a Wiccan, it is Yule and that is very special to me. It means holly and ivy and a large yule log to bring in and put on the fire. Add to that mix a cup of mulled wine and a good sing song and you get the picture.
    I love this dark time of the year.
    Blessings, Star


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