Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birthday presents

On Tuesdays, I attend a much smaller class, Robin's Strength and Tone at the Y. My Facebook friends have already seen this picture, but I couldn't resist because, as one of my blogging friends tactfully pointed out, I am a HAM! Another participant took this picture yesterday while I hammed it up with some of my friends in the class. The other one in red and the person next to her have been introduced to me but I've forgotten their names. In the dark shirt is Jackie, and then Cheryl, Robin herself, my friend Jean and on the far right is Robin's mother. I think Mom is almost 80. Robin's class is at 9:00 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I am usually hiking with the Seniors on Thursdays.

Now I understand the power of Facebook and blogging. Yesterday I received literally dozens of well wishes for my birthday on Facebook: from family members, skydiving buddies from my past as well as the present, people I've known over the years from my workplace, and people I've met from all over the world. It is truly wonderful. And then there are my new blogging friends who are already very special in my heart. I would name them but I am afraid I'd miss somebody.

Tomorrow I'll be hiking up to Raptor Ridge in the Chuckanuts with the Seniors. It is a new hike for me, and the weather looks like it will be gorgeous, so I'll be posting those pictures on here. In the meantime, I am feeling like one of the luckiest people in the world. And oh yes, I would be remiss if I didn't mention another major blessing in my life: my husband whom I have given the moniker of "Smart Guy" on this blog. It fits.


  1. I am not sure which day is your birthday – today or yesterday, but in any case I wish you a very Happy Birthday with many joys to come the whole year, and many happy returns. I won’t say “live it up” because I can see from your photograph that you are doing just that. Hope it is or was a great birthday.

  2. Happy belated Birthday! Which day was it? I just had one too - Nov 22nd.

  3. It looks like a fun group to exercise with! Isn't it fantastic to have friends all over the world? Too bad we can't all have a big party.

  4. It's your birthday? Well then here a kiss "MWAH" and big hug for my friend! Happy Happy Birthday Dorothy Jan!


  5. You are too funny and I person I'm glad to know. Have fun on your hike and I'm looking forward to your photos on your return!

  6. No wonder I always faded to the background in all our family pictures. Love you!!

  7. I think I would be the one that called you a Ham. Yes a very lovely one too. You are so funny and enjoyable. Your friends that get to spend time with you in person are very lucky.

  8. Happy Birthday! May the next year bring you as many new wonders as this one has...
    It seems that some of my favorite people are Sagittarians; my husband and my sister both fall into that category. You are all so charismatic and fun loving. I've noticed that you are the type of people that others gather around simply because you are so full of happy energy.
    I hope to be as active and engaged as you when I am in my 60's. Who am I kidding; I'd like to be as active and engaged as you now!

  9. Happy Birthday to you DJan..and many more! You look positively awesome for 67!! You go girl! I hope your birthday was filled with all of your favorite things and people! :)

  10. A very, very Happy Belated Birthday! I adore the photo, you make 67 look exciting! And with all of this you got to hike a new area today, I can't wait to hear about it.

    Birthday Hugs,
    Sorry I'm late with the wishes, the ear infection has had me really under the weather the last couple of days. But it's a little better this afternoon. I really hate being cooped up inside.


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