Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa's visit

Yesterday my friend Gene dressed up as Santa and came to the coffee shop. When I walked in, he had had all the kids sitting on his lap, taking pictures with his own camera held at arm's length. I had to get this one (he's behind the counter here) showing that under those spats he's wearing his usual Birkenstocks. Gene is a fisherman who generously gave us our Thanksgiving salmon for the past two years. He left his usual companion at home, a 20-year-old parrot he calls Poopstain (for obvious reasons).  The small coffee shop is locally owned; Gene says Starbucks doesn't let him bring the parrot in.

I've seen the parrot get his attention by pulling on his beard to make him turn toward him. Poopers also drinks water and takes nuts from Gene's mouth. I talked Gene into taking the bird to a vet not long ago, and it turns out he's still a very healthy bird with maybe another five years of life. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of our local color.

My birdbath is getting more popular with the regulars. Yesterday I saw this scene on the front porch, and just while I was writing this, some jays flew up to partake. I've learned that when it's cold the squirrels use their tails to keep warm, which is why the one eating has it wrapped up over his spine. I've learned so much from my blogging friends!

In a few minutes I'll be heading down to the Farmers' Market, which is only open today and next Saturday, and then it will close for the season and re-open in April with the mayor tossing out the first cabbage, just like last year. I'll be there hoping for good weather. The gorgeous sunny weather is now behind us, and we've got snow coming tomorrow, and then rain for the rest of the week. When the rain returns, it will bring more moderate temperatures. That Rex block was sure nice while it lasted, but I actually look forward to the return of the usual situation here in this part of the world: rain, mist, temperatures above freezing.


  1. He makes a very good Santa! Did I ever mention that my grandkids go to church with the REAL Santa? I think I'll have to blog about him. Your friend probably gets the same looks when out and about this time of year.

    The mayor actually tosses out the first cabbage? That is so cool!

  2. Aren't fishermen swell? This one looks like both parts: fisherman and Santa to boot! ( Or in his case... Birkenstocks!)

  3. Dearest DJan...

    HE IS PERFECT!!!! What a fabulous Santa he makes! And the Birkenstocks? I LOVE IT!!! And such fun that he had his own Santa's helper...even though, the parrot isn't traditional and had to be left at home on this occasion... such a fun place to live!! I live outside of Washington D.C., and so between us, we've got the two Washingtons coverered ;-) I love your bird bath...and apparently, the birds are not the only ones to appreciate it...You always bring me big, big smiles!!! Sending you love and Christmas wishes! Janine XO

  4. Well that is the first. I've never seen Santa with a parrot. Very original though. Your critter count is really growing. You are a popular stop for the wildlife. They must be spreading the word among each other.

  5. Gene IS Santa! Fantastic :)

    Those squirrels are adorable. We don't have anything like them in New Zealand, so when I first moved to London I was completely fascinated.
    I thought you might enjoy this story.

  6. What a great Santa, I'll bet the kids love to visit with him. They can tug on his beard and it won't come off.

    The birdbath is getting to be a very popular spot, mine is almost ready to go out. I think my main visitors will be squirrels and maybe a raccoon or two.

    We are under a Winter Storm Warning, it's snowing now with a lot more to come they say. At least it's warming up.

    If you are interested in the snow effect the link is

    Have a great weekend,

  7. This is great! I love the parrot. There's something to be said about small local spots...

    I'm glad everyone is staying hydrated. I had no idea about the squirrel tails; thanks for sharing that tidbit.

    I can't imagine the cold weather on a regular basis. I'm a Southern girl and didn't have a white Christmas until I no longer believed in Santa and we could travel over the holiday. I get snow where I am now but so rarely that it's always a big deal. I suppose it's always different if you're well prepared:)

  8. Hi DJan..Your friend Gene makes a great Santa! His parrot is beautiful..very colorful! I bet he is an interesting person to visit with:)

  9. Not bad for a Santa, he really looks like Santa, and if I am still a kid, I will be comfortable sitting and posing for some pictures on his lap!

    The birdbath is becoming a hit to the regulars, I won't wonder if Santa's reindeer will make a stop one night to take some warm bath!

  10. Your friend makes a jolly good Santa for sure – I’d like to give him my Christmas list! And the parrot – so bright and cute. You do have great people in your town in addition to the great landscape. It has been raining here on and off, and must be in the 40s; a good time to get another cup of coffee and a piece of banana bread.

  11. We finally bought a new electric thermostat controlled pet water dish from Amazon dot com for about $17.00. It has been plugged in since it arrived. I know the animals appreciate it.

  12. That's the real Santa, ain't it!!
    Blessings, Star

  13. He DOES look like Santa...what a neat guy!!


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