Saturday, July 11, 2009

What's this?

When we hiked up to Sauk Mountain on Thursday, I used my nifty telephoto lens to get a picture of this huge marmot. In Colorado I had seen plenty of these in the mountains, but nothing like this big guy (or gal?). When I looked at the larger picture (click on it to enlarge), I thought, well, maybe that's a little one sticking out the back side! Interestingly, we don't see much wildlife up here in the mountains. (I see more in town.) Is it because there are so many of us and they know to avoid the trails?

I love the beautiful countryside which just happened to be included in the picture. I looked at it closely, and it would be a work of art in any garden. Oh, yes, and a hearty round of applause to the Retired One for her incredible pictures of dragonflies! I had no idea that they could be so beautiful!



  1. He/she is a beauty and most likely an Olympic Marmot.

    It and the ones I saw in the mountain areas of Alaska and the Yukon are all related species of the Hoary Marmot. They can weigh up to twenty pounds.

    This one looks quite healthy, great capture.

    So are the Retired One's dragonflies, her photos are wonderful.

  2. I've never seen or heard of a Marmot. Very interesting and there definitely appears to be a little one. I couldn't help but notice the lush, green grass growing in and around the rocks.

  3. It does look like there is a marmot underneath - maybe a baby? I saw a marmot scamper up a mountain side when we hiked yesterday. At least I think it was a marmot..

  4. When the picture is enlarged, it is very beautiful. The rocks are so sharp, the flowers so clear. I really like this pic.

  5. That looks more like a sheep to me! Still, I'll take your word for it! Whatever it is, it looks happy, stuck up on top of that rock all by itself. I've just read an article in my magazine about a sheep that has lived on its own for more than ten years and won't be caught! You should see the state of its fleece. It looks like it's carrying round a thick carpet on its back.
    Blessings, Star


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