Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canyon Creek

Today, 12 Senior Trailblazers hiked up a little more than three miles and just under 2,000 feet elevation gain to the overlook on the Canyon Creek ridge. These people have become very much like family: I know them very well now, who is always wanting to hike on ahead, and who lags behind. It's wonderful to have a relationship like this with your peers.
This is our lunch spot, with a little bit of a view. We hiked the last mile or so on snow, although it's pretty hot in Bellingham (relatively speaking, that is; it got close to 80 degrees in Bellingham but didn't actually make it there). This picture was taken at about 6,000 feet elevation. We could see Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan, and a view of what is called "American border mountain" and "Canadian border mountain" because the actual border falls between the two. See my Flickr site for more pictures and click on Trailblazers 2009.
This is a shot of columbine where I used my new camera with the macro feature. I crawled into the path and shot up at the columbines, hoping they would show the mountains behind. I was so thrilled with the result!


  1. DJ, What a great group to belong to. Fun, beautiful scenery and good exercise, too. Hey, you're getting pretty good with that new camera.

  2. That is a great shot! One of these days I'll get a new camera. Until then I'll just have to use the crayons!

  3. The snow, the snow, oh, the snow looks wonderful. :D Great pictures and like very much the angle on the flowers with the mountains in the background.

  4. Oh wow. . . hiking is fun!!! You can see and discover different things, big and small. Nice photos and it is really fun playing with cameras.. . you gotta luv them!


  5. You're doing very well with that new camera Djan! and the results are excellent. It was worth getting it because you go to such wonderfully photogenic places, don't you.
    I couldn't get the slide show to work on your Flickr site. Maybe it's because I'm not a member (yet). However, I enjoyed looking at the thumbnails.
    Blessings, Star

  6. Star, if you are not a member, you can still click on each picture and look at them in larger than thumbnail size. My husband is not a member and I asked him to show me what he sees. He can run the slideshow and click on a picture, but he doesn't have any larger pictures to look at.

    I had so many wonderful pictures of flowers that another post of them is coming today! What fun the camera is!!!

  7. Well D-Jan you were asking advice from me, and you certainly know more than me now. What is a Flickr site? Is it a place where you park your pictures? It looks like you get great exercises – I need to walk too, but in our high heat and humidity it’s not very enticing.


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