Wednesday, July 15, 2009


One of my sisters sent me this image in a post filled with them. I don't know what or who M.I.L.K is, but I need to acknowledge the picture. Who other than me ever played hopscotch? I looked at this picture and it brought back memories of playing the game. Our chalked versions were never this neat and tidy, but the game is played by throwing a token into each number, then hopping over each square that does not have a token in it. Our version had the number 10 as a circle, and when you got there, you had to turn 180 degrees the other direction.

I don't have any friends to play hopscotch with any more, but this picture reminded me of my own games when I was young. These ladies are obvious novices, because you can't have two feet in two different numbers, unless they are the 4-5 or the 7-8!! And holding her purse while playing? Never!

I also played jacks as a kid. The boys played marbles, and the girls played jacks. I used one of my parent's golf balls, which I preferred to the rubber ones that came with the game. I don't see kids playing ANY of these three games any more. Is this because they are all inside playing video games instead? If so, it is their loss. I'm grateful to have been born in a time when the outdoors was familiar and friendly.

I have made one post each day in July, and I didn't want today to be an exception. Tomorrow I'll be heading up to the mountains and will be coming home late, since it's a long one (11 miles and 4,000 feet elevation gain), so I might not be able to keep it up, but I just want to say THANK YOU to all my readers. I wake up in the morning with anticipation, looking for comments on my blog, and when I see I have one (or two or more), I grin and feel a surge of happiness and appreciation for all of you. I have been leaving plenty on your blogs, too, since I am hoping you feel the same. Isn't this the best game of all??


  1. Yep, having blogging friends is the best! I loved jacks as a kid and played with my daughters, when they were young. We also are heading up for a day on the trails today. Leaving in a few minutes. Enjoy your day!

  2. I don't really remember the rules to hopscotch. I loved jacks, but jumprope had to be the favorite!

  3. I don't remember any rules to hopscotch either but loved jacks. MssLily, I'm practically typing your post word for word. Anyway, I liked the golf ball better than the rubber ball.

    Jacks was a summertime game which was played while in from the heat until about 3 or 4 pm.
    Remember, the polio scare...and staying in the house from 12-3? There was a community pool that reopened around 3 or 4 in the afternoon which was the other activity.

    The winter game was solitaire. However, tree climbing was a year around activity.

  4. I played hopscotch,forgot the rules,your post had me thinking back to my childhood.....a long time ago.I was and still am a fun loving gal,i still get to play games when we attend my hubby's office picnic or at some family gathering.I like that you keep active and love the outdoors.Have a fun filled day.Hugs charmine.

    ps.WITHOUT comments it will be lonely in blogland.Thanks for your comments and I've given you an award as i really enjoy your posts.

  5. Cute photos! I remember when I played with my friends, we use the terra cotta pot to draw it when we ran out of chalk. I am a champion when it comes to jump rope and jack stone.

    Have a safe travel.


  6. Your post brought back memories. Yes, when I was a little girl I played this game but it was called “La Marelle”. It had 9 numbers, in the bottom was Earth and on top the Sky. We played in the “cité” which was a paved area with all the apartment buildings around it. This game is played in many countries: it’s called campana in Italian and amarelinha in Portuguese. There were kids from various countries living in our apartment buildings in Paris.

  7. I love that photo, especially the purse in her hand. That is just so cool.

    I don't remember playing hopscotch but we did play dodge ball and jump rope a lot. Hide and seek was another favorite with my friends.

    But the sad part is you are right, we never see kids playing any of these games anymore.

    The comments do make it more fun, I see them as conversation between friends. Me, I'm a little slow getting around to see everyone these days, this has turned into such a busy summer.

    Have a great hike, can't wait to see your photos.


  8. I've seen this greeting card before...and loved it!!
    yes, I love reading other's blogs and getting comments on is fun...much more than even when we used to write letters to you remember that?

  9. Thanks for all the comments, friends! I will have to research hopscotch around the world, as VB has tempted me to find out more. And as to penpals, that was just too slow for me, although I did have a couple. You have a very special blog, Retired One, and I hope everyone visits it to get hits of awesome pictures galore!

  10. Hopscotch was a favorite of mine. When we had enough kids together, Simon says was another. Statue was fun because I could get really dizzy, then watch my inner gyroscope get me still as I was being a statue.
    Penpals? I had pen pals from all over the world. I started exchanging letter with a girl from Brazil who was a couple years older than I when I was only 9. When I was 11, she visited me with her mother who was a penpal of my fourth grade teacher's.
    Thanks, DJan for stirring up the memories, and all of your blogpals, too.

  11. I played hopscotch too and Jacks and marbles. We could play together if we were nearer to each other. Maybe my rules would be a bit different? We played marbles on the drain covers in the street. I loved all those outdoor games, especially skipping. I agree with you that the youngsters of today are missing a lot today if all they do is stay indoors and look at the computer.
    Blessings, Star


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