Sunday, July 5, 2009

Knees in the breeze

Well. I've been challenged by AL at Caramel Macchiato to play tag with her. This entails (as I understand it anyway) finding out what photo you have in your 1st folder, 10th picture. And (drumroll please), here it is! My wedding day to my wonderful husband, and for those who don't know what it means, take a look here and you will see 4 knees in the breeze. It's a simple alliterative phrase for skydivers to say "I'm going skydiving."

And as I also understand it, I don't get to modify or in any way change this photo. It was taken on May 5, 1994, at 5,500 feet over the ground. We are falling towards the ground at 120 mph. We are over Loveland, Colorado, passing the symbolic Baton of Commitment (a piece of rubber hose wrapped with duct tape). When we wrote on our Certificate of Marriage that we would be married when we passed through 5,500 feet over Loveland, Colorado, nobody objected, so we are truly married.

I think the marriage took, since we just got back from the Drop Zone in Snohomish, Washington, after having jumped all day, out of a wonderful Caravan with wonderful friends. We then drove home, me to my blogging pages, and him to pack my parachute after lengthening the brake lines. Do I have a great husband or what??

That jumpsuit I am wearing in this picture was brand new for this jump ('cause you're not supposed to let the groom see the wedding dress beforehand). He loves rainbows, so I have the rainbow grippers (grippers: places where you can grab onto each other without pinching skin). That's I-25 running from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Denver, Colorado, intersecting the picture. The photo was taken by our Best Man, Bill Jackson, with a camera on his head, snapping pictures by biting down on a switch in his mouth.

This might be the most unusual Tag of the five you chose, AL, but I must tell you how much I am honored by having been tagged!!


  1. Now that is a wedding picture you don't see every day. That is a wonderful memory and I am so glad I got to see it. A first for me.

    Thanks ANne

  2. Truly awesome and the most unusual wedding picture I've ever seen. It is really cool the enthusiasm you have for jumping out of an airplane!

  3. My challenge pic totally sucked... It was a fence! I'm glad I don't have to top you! That is some wedding day!

  4. Woooohoooooo! That was a fun and thrilling wedding day!! I can't imagine myself holding my wedding ceremony on air...I think I will faint! hahahah. Thanks DJan that was fun!m:) Yes, you got a loving husband because he wants to be with you on land and on air.


  5. How amazing! Both a unique picture and a unique wedding. Perhaps it is symbolic of the relationship you have and the teamwork that relationship is founded on. Thank you for sharing:)
    And yes, I later signed into blogger and all of my stuff was there. It must have been a problem with them, thank goodness. There are blogs out there I would have dearly missed if I'd not been able find them again. Thank you for visiting.

  6. Awesome wedding photo. Skydiving is something I haven't tried...yet! Maybe one of these days. My BIL is a retired Navy Seal and of course a skydiver, he is also into parasailing. He keeps trying to talk me into one or the other. When he asks again.... maybe.
    Have a great week,

  7. This is a breath taking wedding picture and also very beautiful. My only close encounter with sky diving was watching my husband jump many times, and wait for him. He had an old parachute, all white, shaped like an umbrella, the old-fashioned parachute. It is still in the garage I believe. But I never wished to join him! I think you are very courageous.

  8. That's got to be the most romantic wedding ever! and I can see your smile too. I love the 'knees in the breeze' it made me smile. Now, the sky-diving...noooooooo waaaaaaaay would I ever dare do that, no werhay!
    Brave, you are.
    Blessings, Star

  9. Wow... That's a great wedding pic... I really wanna try sky diving some day... :)
    Now, that's an apt pic for 'Love is in the Air'.. Quite literally.. :)
    Do drop into my blog too


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