Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fairhaven Market

Welcome to the Fairhaven Farmers' Market! These pictures were all taken on July 15 and represent just a tiny bit of the offerings here.
Some of the same vendors who work at the Bellingham Farmers' Market on Saturdays come out to the Fairhaven Village Green on Wednesdays for a shorter time (noon to five). Last week was an absolutely beautiful day, as you can see, and this is just at the beginning, at noon, before it got really busy. All the vendors are scattered around the sides and people picnic on the grass in the middle.This picture of fruit just made my mouth water. If you click on the picture and look at the larger one, the berries look like they will just come right out of the screen and tempt you to eat them. But licking your monitor is probably not good for it and tastes nothing like the berries!
I thought this picture looked like it could be in a museum, it's so artfully arranged. Today I am going skydiving, it's early in the morning, and I've been meaning to get this posted for SquirrelQueen's Farmers' Market challenge on the 25th. Now if I can just remember to tell her!

The fun I derive from blogging and my friends around the world makes me smile just to think of them. The sun just illuminated my front window. I'm going to dash to the gym to catch my favorite class of the week (at 8:00 am on Saturday, you would not believe how many people show up then). It's scheduled to stop by the end of this month, and I'll miss it terribly, so I don't want to miss even one of the last taught by my favorite instructor! See you next time~


  1. Yum! When I ride Maggie, I can reach up and pick the mulberries that the goats missed. Nothing like fresh berries!

  2. Those look fabulous! I absolutely love fresh tomatoes, sliced, with heavy pepper. Better yet, with a little fresh mozzarella.
    And the berries...Yum. Now I'm hungry.
    I always enjoy your pictures; thank you for sharing.
    And what class is it that you so love?

  3. Yummmy! I just came from our Farmers' Market and there were berries everywhere, it must be a good year for WA produce.

    I will post instructions later this week on how to sign in for the challenge. If all goes well we will be using Mr. Linky and it's really easy.

    If you have more photos to post you can sign in for each post.


  4. The farmer's markets in Portland were unbelievable. The Pacific Northwest has berries to die for. Enjoy!

  5. Your new camera really shows up the detail, doesn't it. I did click and saw the seeds on the strawberries standing out proud! So glad you're enjoying your life and your friends so much. It shows in your face, it really does. I bet you're smiling reading this, aren't you! Have fun today, but take care :)
    Blessings, Star

  6. LOVE those tomatoes, baby! And the BLUE berries. Great composition. Print 'em out and hang 'em in your kitchen.

    Busy woman, shopping, working-out, skydiving.
    As always, you inspire me!

  7. you have me craving...CRAVING a BLT and a blueberry pie.
    Gosh that fruit looks yummy.
    Just because I posted the strawberries, you had to come back and torture me, huh?
    Ok, game on.
    (Just kidding!)

  8. The market looks delightful! The tomatoes look delish, the strawberries look yummy, and the blueberry display is a work of art. :D

  9. DJan, thanks for joining the challenge. The blueberries this year are the best ever.

    Walla Walla sweets have less sulfur than regular onions, some folks eat them like an apple. I like to wrap them in foil with a little butter and throw them on the grill.

  10. OMG the blueberries which I always crave for is here right in front of me sliming as if teasing me, nope I won't lick the monitor, how can you do this to me?

    Oh my blueberry cheesecake, where are you now?


  11. Blueberries are a summer favorite of mine for breakfast - by the handful.

    (That photo of the heart sky writing is so wonderful!)

    Glad to see your challenge post.

  12. Oh goodness, look at those berries! How mouthwatering! And there's nothing better than sun-ripened tomatoes, is there?

    My husband did his postdoc at JILA, UC, so we lived in Boulder for a few years in the mid-90s. Stunning beautiful (if expensive) place!


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