Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Apartment wildlife

The chickadees are definitely hams. They love to come over and check me out (I was outside pointing my camera up at the feeder when this little guy came to say hello.) I thought it would be fun to show you some of the wildlife around our little apartment. (Click any picture to enlarge.) I have four feeders hanging off the front porch. We get some really interesting birds, along with the usual suspects like sparrows. My pine siskins are all gone now, I am not sure where, but I have at least 4 male goldfinches (the brightly colored ones) and at least two more sedately colored females, who might be getting ready to lay eggs, since they have not been around lately.
This is the best picture I've been able to get of the northern flicker. He has brought his girlfriend around to show her where the sunflower seeds propagate as if by magic. This was taken early in the morning from inside the apartment, and although the camera screamed at me to use the flash, I knew it would spoil the picture because of the window, so I took it anyway. (There is a setting on the camera to change the ISO but it's too complicated for me to learn right now.)
This picture is taken in the back yard area of the apartment complex. Mama Doe has just recently given birth to these beautiful little babies, and this was our first look at them. She brought them out to check out the area, I guess. They bounce straight up at least as high as they are. Aren't they adorable?? Last year she also had two little ones, and we watched them learn how to forage and jump fences, and learn all the other things that deer know how to do. Mama probably teaches them which flowers are the tastiest in the surrounding gardens, too.
Here's a closeup of one of the new babies. It's interesting that I don't know of any species that doesn't have cute babies. Maybe there are some, but I can't think of any. And then, inside the apartment, I discovered this interesting wildlife:
He's standing on a bench he uses to exercise on, and he's using his arms in a mysterious way, with some little blue things hanging off the end. I notice he's a pretty mature looking character, and his coverings look a little worse for wear. Behind him is a wall hanging from China, which is the Chinese character for "Destiny." I think this wild animal might be destined for great things.


  1. Hi DJ, First of all, thank you for the cross country travel advice and tips. Our upcoming trip to WA sounds very similar to yours. All your animals are so cute, including the last one. Also thought your story about your Mama was hearfelt.

  2. That was fun, love all the photos.


  3. Very cute...especially the last one. lol He looks like a keeper.

  4. I miss watching our deer. With all the electric fence we have up now, they mostly stay in the front field out of sight.

    Worm babies aren't that cute...

  5. Great photos of the deer, the babies are so cute. We have deer in the area but rarely see them. You have a great yard to have all that wildlife.
    Your inside wild one is a cutie too!

  6. How cute! The Chinese character caught my attention...how cool!


  7. Thanks for all the comments! Lily, I did think of another baby that is not cute: fly babies are MAGGOTS. Eewww! And I did realize that bird babies are pretty ugly until they get their feathers.

    AL, the banner with the Chinese character was purchased in Beijing. I think it's wonderful too.

  8. Beautiful pictures; I love the last one!
    I love to watch the birds here but unless they are bright red or blue I have no idea what they are. Perhaps it's time to buy a bird book?

  9. It is interesting that you can see deer next to your apartment. We live near a Civil War battlefield park and there are deer in it, but they don’t get out. I have not been able to take good pictures of birds on the feeders because we have two families of squirrels and they keep eating the seeds. Your pictures are great.

  10. Too cute!
    I have never been able to entice my Flickers to the feeder..you are blessed.
    They are gorgeous birds...one once hit our window and we coaxed him back to health and let him go free. We still hear him nearby.


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