Thursday, January 14, 2010

Urban adventure

Today, my usual hiking day, we went on an urban adventure in Bellingham, walking from the Senior Center in this picture to the ferry terminal in Fairhaven, and then turning around and walking back through the Western Washington University campus. Twelve Seniors braved the wind and rain (neither of which was terribly bad) to cover a total of more than eight miles before we got back.

Our first section took us by the trail next to Whatcom Creek, which empties into the bay, with a Maritime Heritage Center and lots of ducks and cormorants. (I now know there is a difference between those two!) The cormorant was fishing and would stay under the water for so long that I never got a good shot of him. These ducks will have to be enough for now.

I saw this bird's nest right in downtown Bellingham just over my head. If you notice (click to enlarge), it's made up of lots of plastic things as well as sticks. This is a very urban bird indeed! (She wasn't home at the moment.) Our trip then took us down to Bellingham Bay's waterfront, and I was able to get a picture of lots of cormorants, one on top of the pole, and some sea gulls, which are ubiquitous here in Bellingham.

Returning from Fairhaven, we walked on some of the trails on our way to the university. I loved this picture of the ferns growing out of the tree, and all the moss. I'm sure that people who have grown up in this area are not as thrilled with all this moss as I am, but I think it's beautiful.



  1. I also think your picture with the moss is outstanding. At first, when I glanced at it I thought I saw a turtle in the water near the tree trunk. I guess it is a rock, but don’t you think it looks like a turtle? (more so when the photo is enlarged.)

  2. Great pictures and the walk sounds so lovely. Eight miles is a goooooood walk.

    If we make a trip to Israel this year, I am going to get into shape by walking our hills at least once every day and start weight training to build stamina.

  3. An urban bird. Yes, the birds will use most anything to make nests. Isn't it a shame that they can even find plastic to use?

  4. What an inspiring lady you are! I am looking for a walking group around here but am yet to find one! How often do you get out?

  5. I cannot believe you walked eight miles! You must be in terrific fact, I know you are! As usual, the photos are awesome. I love the one with the bird nest....

  6. It always makes me feel so sad to see plastic in bird's nests. :-(

  7. What a wonderful urban hike, I love the area by the ferry terminal. The Cormorants are one of my favorite sea birds to watch. The tree with the moss and ferns is so pretty.

  8. How pitiful that we have so intruded that birds are reduced to using plastic for their homes...
    Quite an impressive walk! It looks like it was fun. I know you enjoy your Thursday hikes, but I bet you enjoyed a change as well.

  9. Isn't it amazing what birds will put in their nests? Looks like they want their little ones to wear plastic macs to keep them warm and dry! The picture is excellent and very interesting.
    You walked a long way, didn't you.
    Blessings, Star

  10. I loved the mallard photos and the Cormorants..oh, and the moss too. ha
    Great shots!


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