Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Sun and rain make rainbows

Taken by Eric Jean Weissenborn

Knowing that when it's raining all day long, there are likely to be rainbows when the sun comes out, I found this wonderful picture, taken Easter Sunday and posted on Facebook's Seeing Bellingham Group. I snagged it for this post. If I had been proactive and not actually getting ready for bed myself, I might have been able to capture something as lovely as this. Bellingham Bay sure looks good through the rainbow. I thank Eric Jean Weissenborn for having shared it, and I hope he had a wonderful rest of his Easter Sunday. The Facebook group is filled with rainbows from Sunday, if you want to spend some time looking at them. I love rainbows.

When I went out this morning, it was raining, but it gradually let up and by the time I was heading home, there were no rainbows to be seen. I looked just to be sure.

Heavily laden with blossoms

I did see, however, lots and lots of blossoms everywhere. Spring is in full swing in these parts, and sometimes I think it's my favorite season, but then again, each one has its own charm and delightful moments. So I won't pick one but instead will just enjoy them as they come, and be grateful that I am able to be in this wonderful place. 

And I did look to see what's happening in the Tulip Festival fields, which were also on display in that Facebook group. Yes, the tulips are now beginning to open and give plenty of color to those fields. I'll be getting there soon, hopefully. I'll be posting plenty of pictures when that happens, never fear.



  1. That wonderful rainbow reminds me of a Stephen King novel, Under the Dome. Very pretty blooms, DJan. 🙂

  2. Super photo, and our tulips have poked through.

  3. Rainbows always make me smile. Lovely blossoms!! :)

  4. I adore rainbows. And blossoms. And tulips...

  5. Beautiful photos, Jan. Spring always holds such promise!

  6. Spring is an invigorating time with all the fresh blossoms and leaves.

  7. I am loving the flowering trees and new green leaf buds opening on most trees now. I did see a report from Roozergaard on Facebook yesterday that showed quite a bit of early tulip color now. Sadly I will miss the tulips this year, but hope to have some color in my own garden soon.

  8. Wonderful rainbow picture! And the tree all abloom!


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