Thursday, April 15, 2021



Only a week ago, when Melanie and I went on our hunt for wild trillium in the woods, we found a single unopened plant. Today, it was truly trillium-mania! They are everywhere, and more are to come from everything we saw: many plants with their flowers yet to open, some plants even sprouting up out of the ground and unfurling those magnificent triple leaves in front of our very eyes.

Sunshine and shade

There was not a cloud in the sky today, and it looks like this amazing weather will continue through at least the upcoming weekend. We are at least twenty degrees warmer than normal, and it's certainly a welcome event. It actually feels like we could be in the middle of May, rather than mid-April. Nobody is complaining.

Four in a row

This is the largest grouping we saw today, four beautiful trillium all opened and showing off their beauty. The one in front will probably have enough strength to stand up and show off soon, but right now it's still in the process of becoming. It looks like it will be the largest of the four.

Fiddleheads unfurling

There are also plenty of other signs of spring in bloom. Just look at these pretty fiddleheads opening up. This warm weather and sunshine are making the forest come alive, everywhere you look.

The hills are alive with trillium

We had such a good time walking on the Lower Salal and the Upper Salal, taking in the wonderful views of trillium in bloom, and we decided to come back in two weeks to see what they will be like then. Next week we'll head to the Skagit Valley to take in the tulips, a very great way to spend Earth Day.

Sunny Salal trail

We covered just under six miles and plenty of elevation gain and loss. My ankle is okay, but I didn't want to make it any longer just to keep things going in the right direction. I am feeling really good and healthy at the moment, and I intend to keep getting stronger. I sure had a good time today.

Just one more

I couldn't resist adding one more trillium. I've got plenty more that I captured on camera; however, I really liked seeing this one framed by ferns. Plus it looks like some animal has taken a bite out of the topmost leaf. These plants only grow one flower each season, and then they go into hibernation or something. 

We'll be back to enjoy these lovely wild trillium at least once more before they disappear for another year. I hope you enjoyed looking at them at least half as much as I enjoyed photographing them!



  1. Beautiful shots! Trilliums are so pretty.

  2. Once the Trillium come out you can find spectacular large patches. Ours won't be out for another 3-4 weeks.

  3. Our are weeks away yet. These are gorgeous! So perfect. They look delicate but must be hardy this early in spring.

  4. Woo Hoo. That looks WONDERFUL. Enjoy your tulip trekking.

  5. That's one of your must sees. It doesn't seem like spring until you see your must sees.

  6. I have loved trillium since seeing them in the woods where we walked with our neighbor lady when I was a young child. I feel privileged to have a few in our garden. I still love finding them in the woodlands.

  7. I always enjoy your photos of the trilliums. We don't have them here. Your post isvso full of joy, I hope the warm weather continues for you over the coming weeks.

  8. I did!! I most certainly did enjoy their beauty. And the ferns and dappled sunlight on the trail.

  9. We have some patches by local roadsides that I try to visit yearly. Sometimes I don't time it right, but even when I do, it's a struggle with the mosquitoes. Life is hard. :)

  10. You got to enjoy a Trillium bonanza. You make me want to see them somewhere other than your blog but I guess I'd have to leave my couch to do that, so I will keep enjoying yours. Thank you.

  11. So fun to see the Trillium blooming! You had a good hike and flowers too, it was a good day for you! Oh I am jealous I hope the Tulip visit is fantastic!

  12. Your beautiful pictures made me recall walking in the woods with my parents and sisters in the spring hoping to see these beauties peeking out. Dad was pretty good at knowing when.

  13. Gorgeous photos of trilliums, DJan. You have the prettiest wildflowers in your area. I love finding trilliums since they are easy to recognize.

  14. I've gotten used to seeing trillium as a sign of spring in your neck of the that I get excited to see them every year, too--lol!

  15. Those flowers are really pretty. I have never seen them here in Hawaii, though.


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