Thursday, April 8, 2021

On a search for trillium

Waterfall is gentle today

We went out today on a search for the status of wild trillium at one of our usual winter haunts, Chuckanut Mountain. Although it had rained most of the night, we were told that today should be mostly sunny. When I woke to overcast skies and heavy clouds, I thought that wouldn't be the case. But I was wrong.

Our sunny trail

By the time we reached the trailhead and began our climb to one of my favorite hikes, the Lower Salal, we were inundated with full sunshine, a little breeze, and a gentle uphill climb.

Pretty skunk cabbage

Since I visited this place a few weeks ago and saw few signs of spring, it's all changed. I saw this beautiful flower (with a little slug that seems to be feeding on it), and I recognized it immediately as a skunk cabbage. Or, as a friend likes to call it, a swamp lantern. And they have proliferated in the low wet areas, as usual.

Lots of 'em

By the time I see these guys next week, I suspect they will be much larger, as we have some sunny and warm weather ahead. But it took most of the hike before we found what we had come for: a trillium.

First of the season

Heavy with rain from last night's deluge, we found what we had been looking for, and although it's not ready to bloom quite yet, the unmistakable three leaves and the soon-to-be single flower are all ready for an unveiling, coming soon. Melanie's eagle eyes spied this one, and it was the only one we saw all day.

Salmonberry blossom

We did see other signs of spring, such as this pretty salmonberry blossom along the trail. Melanie took this one since my picture didn't turn out. The flowers are so pretty, even if the taste of the berry itself leaves something to be desired. 

Young maple leaves in sunlight

When we were walking up the trail, this bush looked almost like a scene from autumn, until we got close enough to see it is simply the red of fresh leaves coming out for their springtime celebration.

Yes, springtime was everywhere in the air, along the trail, among the verdant green growth that fills the eye and heart with joy. It was so lovely to be out walking with a good friend, even if we didn't go far, it was enough. And we saw our first wild trillium of the year!



  1. I am very happy for you. On the other side of the world I too look out for the first wild trillium of the year - yours. Thank you

  2. Trilliums here show around the end of this month and into next month.

  3. The end of May for Trilliums here, so glad you saw one, next week you should see more! Good to hear you are enjoying Anne with an E...the actress is marvelous!

  4. Your Skunk Cabbage is so pretty. And your forest is so green with all those ferns.

  5. I would say that was a very successful hike. I love the blooms and new growth of early spring, and Oh, the sunshine today!

  6. The thrill of spring is such a nice change. Here we have the same old, same old, green, green, with occasional glorious flowers.

  7. There's nothing like a good walk. You had a friend. You had goals and then you also had surprises.

  8. Yay for Spring!! A pretty time of year- especially for hiking in the woods.

  9. And it was a red trillium to boot. I can just find white locally although red can grow here and do in spots. Your trilliums seem to be a different variety, taller for one thing.

  10. There's plenty of signs here too. Nature is magic. A divine miracle every Spring.

  11. I had to look up skunk cabbage to see if it were edible to anyone besides slugs and I guess it is. You have to get them while they are young.
    Have never seen a trillium in person and hope to someday. That salmonberry blossom is really pretty. Sounds like a great day.

  12. Signs of spring! We are just getting green grass peeking up here because we are finally getting some gentle rain. :)

  13. Love your pics, as usual... especially the second one with the shadows. And love the name Chuckanut! I think there was a coffee by that name once.

  14. Your spring is looking wonderful!

  15. Nice to see so many interesting plants and foliage. Glad you enjoyed the hike with your friend.


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