Thursday, April 1, 2021

Another trip around town

Our coffee shop this morning

 We are still unable to sit inside our coffee shop, but since I knew I'd be making a short solo trip around town today, I thought I'd share my morning routine with you. Once I place my order with the barista, I await my turn, socially distanced, until the previous customers are served. Usually these days, she knows what I'm getting, and by the time I'm ready to pay, she's got my drink ready and waiting for me. You can't see it all that well, but there is a plexiglass shield between the barista and the customers.

My comfy seat in John's truck

You can see I had to put my coffee on the floor while I took the picture, since I don't have any cup holder inside John's cab. John parks his large coffee on the dashboard, but there's nothing similar on the passenger side. Once we've spent some time chatting and finished our drinks, it's time for us to go our separate ways. This morning, I drove down to Boulevard Park on Bellingham Bay, since it was just me and I could do whatever I wanted.

Lummi Island in the distance

It was very chilly, with a brisk wind and overcast, as you can see here. Nevertheless, there were plenty of people out, either in small groups or walking their dogs. Everyone without exception was wearing a mask. I love my community! I decided to walk to Fairhaven and take the Interurban trail, which meant I could take a long or short walk from the park.

Interurban trail

It's a lovely trail that follows Chuckanut Creek, where we watched salmon swim upstream last year. There are places that have fish ladders, but at this time of the year, it's just fresh green shoots everywhere. I walked south along the trail, and then I saw this sign:

Explanation about the Labyrinth

Since it was just me and I could go exploring, I found the labyrinth and followed its path. Birds were singing, and I was quite alone. A short distance away I could hear people playing tennis in the park, and I heard a white-crowned sparrow's song for the first time this year. Another sign of spring.

The labyrinth itself

I followed the path in the labyrinth, enjoying the twists and turns as I approached the center. It was quite enjoyable, and not really challenging; I didn't get lost once!

The star in the middle of the labyrinth

When you reach the center, this six-pointed star is adorned with stones all around its perimeter, with arcane symbols inside. It's really quite a wonderful addition to the city's mystique, I think. Thanks to those who created such a lovely place to meditate on the mystery of life.

A gathering of gulls

These gulls were coming and going as a couple fed them bits of dried bread from the bridge. I watched for awhile, noticing the gulls dip and swoop. Some birds really like to fly and performed some aerial acrobats, and these gulls were no exception. As someone who spent quite a bit of time learning how to fly her skydiving canopy, I was taken back to those days as I watched their antics with interest.

And then it was back to my car, having gone some five miles in total, including the meditation at the labyrinth. It was enough, and I missed my usual companion, but she was busy getting her second Covid shot. We'll be back to our new normal next week.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful morning with us.

  2. Jan, You sure do have a lot of beautiful places to walk.

  3. There was a labrynth at the rehab hospital, so I tried to 'walk' it my wheelchair.

  4. I do like the look of that labyrinth. I passed by one today, one that I've featured in the blog before, but didn't do a walk through of it.

  5. That is a wonderful must be all about the journey and quiet thoughts! Good to see John and your coffee spot! You had a good day!

  6. Interesting that you wear masks outdoors. People rarely wear masks when they're outside here.

  7. That was a lovely walk. I would love to walk that labyrinth.

  8. Exceptional solo hike today!! Everything was perfect.

  9. It was nice to trip around with you. That is a pretty nice labyrinth. Our town's version is just circles in grass, but they do have some nice events there -- in better times, of course.

  10. Nice way to start the day with coffee and John to tackle the world's problems. Those water shots do look cold. Have never seen a labyrinth but would love to give one a shot.

  11. That labyrinth is fabulous. A local church has put up a temporary labyrinth for Holy Week. I wish our church would use a vacant lot to build a permanent one out this direction of town, but I don't think they have the foresight or insight to do such a thing. When I mentioned it to one person who might make it happen, he just gave me an odd look.

  12. Loved this--was like coming along with you on your outing! Never seen a labyrinth like that one. :)

  13. Thank you for sharing some of your morning routine, and then your delightful, solitary walk. Bird song is my favorite companion.

  14. What a splendid way to spend your day! I loved every minute of it.

  15. Nice walk, you're very lucky to have so many wonderful choices for your walks

  16. I would have found it a ton of fun to walk on the labyrinth also. Thank you for sharing your adventure, DJan.


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