Thursday, April 22, 2021

Anyone for tulips?

In front of the RoozenGaarde windmill

Today Melanie and I decided to take the annual tulip excursion to Skagit Valley instead of hiking with the Trailblazers. This is the first day that our erstwhile leader Al has suggested that anyone who is interested should meet at a nearby trailhead and hike together. I had already bought tickets for the two of us to head to RoozenGaarde to see the state of the tulip festival. On Easter Sunday, Lily and I traveled south to see it, but it was way too early. Today, I think we found the optimum day for tulip gazing. Although because of the spate of overly warm weather we've been having, I feared that they might have gone the other way and been on their way out. Nope!

Inside the display garden

RoozenGaarde has a beautiful display garden among their acres of flowers, and the incredible artistry in designing the planting was especially delightful this year. Maybe it's because they were closed for the pandemic last year, but I couldn't help but allow happy tears to flow, when I saw the beloved garden once again.

Melanie amongst the tulips

Once we wandered around for a good long while, oohing and aahing and taking pictures right and left, we walked out to the fields of tulips behind the main area, to take in the incredible views.

Miles and miles of tulips

We were actually fortunate to have some cloudy skies, since it helped us take better pictures of the tulips. Full sun has a tendency to wash out some of the vibrant colors, so we were happy for the wonderful cooler weather and light breeze.

I heart you

One of my favorite little designs was this one, with a beautiful red-and-white heart among still blooming purple tulips. Somebody had a good time designing this one, I think. My eyes were full to the brim before we left this delightful area.

The arrangements kept coming

No sooner did I feel I could not take even one more picture, I'd see something like this one. Can you see the subtle spiral of different-colored tulips wafting their way through the others? There was just so much to see and take in.

There's always one in every crowd

I loved seeing this differently colored tulip in the midst of all the red. It stood out in brazen defiance, it seemed, and it sure made me smile to see it. And then we left the gardens and drove over to see Tulip Town. I've never been there before, and I suppose if I had not been already overwhelmed with all the beauty of RoozenGaarde, I might have enjoyed it more. But I missed the creative gardens, although I enjoyed the visit very much and am glad we went there too. 

Now it's time to pull myself together for the Trailblazers hour-long zoom call. I'm curious to find out how the day went for the other Trailblazers. I hope they enjoyed their day at least half as much as Mel and I did!



  1. D J...this was extraordinary!!! Such breathtaking beauty.

  2. They are gorgeous. I love rogue tulips. I expect to be photographing them in bloom in the coming days.

  3. It must be exciting to know the Trailblazers are back on the trail again. Next Thursday then?

    Those tulips are heart balm! Glorious!

  4. For a little old prairie boy it's hard to get tulip fields though my head. I think of only wheat fields! Beautiful sights. I totally understand why you visit this garden.

  5. My gosh, I don't consider myself a big flower person but these are breathtaking. That swath of blue in the second photo is knocking my eyes for a loop, and your friend Melanie looks lovely and right at home. My mom planted tulips every year, these sure make me think of her. :)

  6. Oh my, oh my, oh my.
    I smiled at the interloper - we always look out for them in our tulip festivals.
    Co-incidentally I planted the first of our tulips today though our home display will fade into insignificance beside that beauty. And yes, my eyes would have leaked a little too.

  7. Awesome display, and we’re not even in The Netherlands.

  8. Now, this is sweet. Lovely, gorgeous, and beautiful!!!

  9. I love it when you and Linda R take us to visit the tulips. I am always gobsmacked to see just how vast the fields are. Delighted no one removed that cute little yellow fellow and let him be an individual. That is how you stand out in a crowd.

  10. Oh what fun! I am so glad you got to go! I enjoyed seeing your photographs! Love the heart and the swirls they have some great designers:)

  11. Absence makes the heart grow fonder in ways we don't expect due to the pandemic. I have never been so excited to make it to Baker Nursery to pick out flowers for my planter boxes this year--LOL! Not as dramatically gorgeous as the tulips, but also an expanse of flowers that might cause me to mist up. :)

  12. Such a joy to behold through your lens and comments!

  13. I love your visits to the tulip gardens and the pictures that you share. Every year when Spring rolls around I wish I had remembered to buy and plant tulips the previous fall. Maybe next year, I'll have some beautiful tulips in my yard.

    The plant designs are amazing!

  14. Wow! What a display. No need to go to the Ntherlands for an explosion of color.

  15. So incredible! You're bringing back happy memories!

  16. One of these days, you're going to bump into Linda Reeder there. We do so delight in remembering our visit there with you, DJan. It will always remain as one of our favorite trips. And we'll always be grateful to the both of you encouraging us to come earlier than we planned because of the early blooming that year. It made all the difference.

  17. So glad you got to go see the tulips! And thanks for sharing the fun with us. My favorite pic is also the one yellow among the red.

  18. A day in the tulips is such a saturated delight. It fills me up. I'm so happy we both got to go this year.


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