Saturday, June 29, 2019

Summer is here

Sky and lake early this morning
This morning Lily and I joined the ladies for a brisk walk around Lake Padden in glorious sunshine, as you can see in this picture. A few clouds made for some lovely reflections. We had almost an inch of rain on Thursday, but then yesterday it was breezy and dry, cool with clouds and sun. Today, we've got much the same, but it's much warmer, and most of the clouds are gone. Lily went once around the lake, but I went twice, getting in more than five miles.
They taste as good as they look
Then we both went out in the garden to harvest raspberries. There are so many ripe ones right now that I picked some for us and some for our neighbors. And I didn't make a dent in them, and there are many, many more still to ripen. I couldn't believe how much work it is to pick them, so I suspect many will go to waste. Nobody told me that raspberry bushes multiply like rabbits!
My garden with flowers
I also spent some time out in my garden weeding, which was easy after all that rain. I've got kale and cauliflower doing well, celery and lots and lots of raspberries. And lettuce and tomatoes! The raspberry bushes are behind that watering can and little green table, which I use to sit on to pick. The temperature has climbed past 70°F (21°C), and I was beginning to tire.

When I see what's happening in Europe right now, I wonder if I would survive those temperatures without A/C, considering my inability to handle even mild heat. Rain may not be all that pleasant to hike in, but at least it's not life threatening. My heart goes out to all who are suffering.


  1. I am so envious of your raspberries, DJan. My brown thumb must have stunted my raspberry bushes on the mainland. We had enough for our morning cereal but never as much as yours. Wow!

  2. I wasn't aware of what's going on in Europe but it sounds horrible. We've really got to get a handle on this climate thing.

  3. Raspberries are my most favourite of the berries. I too have been watching the temperatures in Europe in horror.
    Have a wonderful (cool) week dear friend.

  4. I fear for my grandchildren and the world we are leaving them. If it’s 45 C now, what will it rise to?

  5. Beautiful photo of the sun hitting the lake. Lovely reflection of the clouds. Any fruit is good for you.

  6. Raspberries spread like wildfire. Take out the suckers that show up outside the plant.

  7. Careful those raspberries just may take over. Maybe the birds will help you harvest. I moan every summer about how on earth did we survive without A/C in the old days. Probably cause it didn't get this hot. I have never seen so many days over 100 since I moved here and I spent most of my life in Florida. Sigh.

  8. During the nearly two weeks without power (in August) after hurricane harvey...I'd purposely go for long drives in the AC car....I agree. I could not survive without power/AC.

    Those berries are beautiful...yep, they have runners! The more you thin them out, the bigger your berries will be...but make sure there are enough for cross pollination.

    Beautiful sky.

  9. Beautiful berries! You could freeze some for next winter or make a pie! :)

  10. This is our third day of 110-111. I just stay inside, other than taking the dogs out BRIEFLY mid-day to 'do their thing'...well, as Saturday we went to a late matinee, and an early dinner, but it was just the walk to and from the car. Not horrendous. Thank God for good air conditioning!

  11. The raspberries are a welcome sight!


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