Saturday, June 22, 2019

Our annual Lummi Island walk

Some of the group on the ferry
Today fifteen of us gathered to catch the 8:10am ferry to Lummi Island to do our usual seven-mile loop around the northern part of the island, mostly flat. It was really cold and windy as we waited to board. Cindy captured this picture of me, wearing all my available cold-weather gear.
Yep, it was cold
I didn't think to bring more warm clothes, since I was sure that the low marine layer would most likely burn off quickly, and I wasn't expecting the fierce wind. I pulled my handkerchief up over my nose for maximum effect, and Cindy laughed when she saw me and took this picture.
Walking on the road
Once we got off the ferry and started moving a little, it got a bit warmer. And then as we got out of the worst of the wind, it was definitely much nicer, and clothes started to come off.
All of us today
A nice passerby took this picture of the fifteen of us. Three are visiting Carol from Ireland, on the left behind me, and Cindy's sister from Sacramento (in the middle of the shot) were the only non-regulars along on this trip. We didn't go very fast, since not all of the visitors were interested in going at Cindy's usual pace. And although there were still a few clouds, mostly it was quite comfortable, unless we were facing a headwind.
Mackerel sky
While we were waiting to catch the return ferry, I looked up and saw these pretty mackerel clouds. They usually portend a change in the weather, and we are scheduled to have rain tonight. The wind is still strong, but now I'm comfortably ensconced in my favorite chair and feeling glad I went to Lummi Island today.


  1. Smiling at your rugged up self. And marvelling at the clouds.

  2. What a nice change, catching the ferry and walking on the island. It did look cold to start.

  3. Well that sent me to Google Maps to find Lummi Is.

  4. It's surprising how cold some of the early mornings can be. We've had a cool week of plus 10 for highs!

  5. I love seeing how protected you looked, DJan. Glad it warmed up. I just love that you have such a terrific network of friends to keep healthy with.

  6. Wow, cold weather! Lucky you. Here it's already 90.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful hike with friends.

  8. Wind off the water is chilling, since our water never really warms up. That sounds like a great walk. I wish I could do seven miles.

  9. You looked ready to rob a bank:)) Glad it warmed up a bit though walking will warm you. You all looked more comfortable in the group shot.

  10. Wow! I love that group shot. It helps me visualize the seniors that hike with you...a great turnout this time. And as always you had us right there with you.

  11. Dear DJ, you and your group of walkers/hikers continue to bemuse and amaze me. I so wish that I were able to walk as I used to--3 to 4 miles a day for 5 or 6 days of the week--year in and year out for maybe 20 years. But all that is in the past and now I can walk for only about 10 minutes at a time. I'm trying to do this twice a day but that hasn't worked out this past month because of ill health for the past three weeks. But today, I'm feeling so much better. Are you like I am?--by that I mean do you never know how sick you were until you are better? Peace.


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