Thursday, June 20, 2019

All at sixes and sevens

Chris, Mike, Dianne, Mel, Kirk (and me behind the camera)
Thirteen Senior Trailblazers showed up at the Senior Center to decide where to go today. We were originally scheduled to take the Mt. Baker Highway to the the Hannegan Pass trailhead, but the weather had turned rainy and cool overnight. After much confusion, we decided to break into two groups, one to go to the original destination, and the rest of us on a local hike, the Chanterelle trail and beyond. There's the six of us; the other group had seven, which is reflected in the title of this post. It is also an old phrase meaning "disarray and confusion," so it was a perfect lead-in.
Viewpoint at the top of the Chanterelle trail
We hiked up two-and-a-half miles to this overlook, and decided to go on up higher, which we've done many times before. Unfortunately for us, the side trails we usually take are blocked off, since the Forest Service is renovating the trail and eventually making a loop hike. We had to walk on the service road the whole way from the viewpoint.
Wide service road
We expected rain, but other than a very brief downpour, it was dry, although it was obvious that it had rained overnight. The road was lined with foxglove and daisies, making for some lovely views.
Lots of foxglove next to the road
The road goes pretty steeply up from the viewpoint, and other than the pretty flowers, we pass under some power lines, which buzzed as we trudged uphill, making our way upward, always up. I'm not a fan of service roads.
Closeup of foxglove
You can see from this closeup that it had definitely rained recently. We imagined bees seeing these pretty flowers and settling in for a drink. Foxglove is what digitalis is derived from, if I'm not mistaken.
Lots of daisies, too
We kept going up the road until one of us (that would be me) got a little grumpy from walking uphill and asked when we might turn around. We had decided to return to the viewpoint to have lunch, so we began our descent at 11:30.
Another part of the service road
It was quite lovely, actually, and a lot more fun to be walking downhill back to the viewpoint for lunch than uphill. We arrived there a little after noon and settled in for a nice break.
The viewpoint and our lunch spot (Mel's picture)
It was quite mild, with the temperature in the high 50s (around 14–15°C) and just a light breeze. The way back down to the cars was on the Chanterelle trail and beautiful. We covered eight-and-a-half miles total, with 2,100 feet elevation gain and loss. That would be just about the same distance and elevation that the other group must have made, but they also had a three-hour drive (an hour and a half each way) that we didn't have. When we returned to the Senior Center, their cars were still there, as we expected they would be. If I find out how their hike went, I'll put in an update. As of now, we six are back and happy to have had a good day together, albeit with half of our usual number.


  1. I'm glad you got to walk downhill finally. I have gone on walks that I swear were uphill, coming and going. That is usually because we take a different path back than we took going out.

  2. Foxgloves by the road side? Be still my beating heart. They are garden flowers only here.
    A lovely walk. I find steep downhill walks as challenging as going up hill and am super impressed (as always) at your stamina.

  3. Love the Foxgloves and Daisies❤

  4. Again it sounds like you had another very nice day.

  5. Foxgloves and daisies have been abundant along the roadways this June. I do love them.
    I think you made a smart hiking decision. Who needs the hour and a half drive unless you know the conditions and location will be wonderful.

  6. Service road or not, I love all the shades of green in those pictures. It is wonderful that you have such great places to hike.

  7. Avoided a long car trip, too. Not bad. ;)
    Love all the flowers.

  8. Nice that you can split up and you can all pick which you would rather do. That service road may have taken a bit of the "hike" out of your day but at least you could walk side by side.

  9. Interesting photo of foxgloves. Very pretty photo shoot of your hike.

  10. What a beautiful spot to stop and enjoy a bite of lunch !
    Those Foxgloves are stunning, one of my favorite flowers, and I assume they just grow wild up there on those trails ?
    Another peaceful hike....aah.

  11. Beautiful photos.

  12. Great photos, especially the third one.

  13. Love the rain spotted Foxglove...yes Digitalis...I think in the root if I recall correctly. Nice say it isn't so!! Home and resting up for round two:)

  14. Nice walk ... glad you escaped the rain (mostly).

  15. At first, I thought the foxglove were lupins. I don't think I've ever seen them out in nature before. They are so beautiful!


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