Thursday, June 13, 2019

Goat Mountain 2019

Shady and dry trail
Today we headed back up to the High Country to Goat Mountain, and since there is a limit to groups of 12 or fewer in the wilderness, Al decided to start breaking up the group into a 7:30am and an 8:00am time to leave. Five people went on the early hike, and eight of us started at the regular time. We didn't know how many people would show up, but it worked out very well. Since there were only 13 in total, we could probably have gotten away with a "baker's dozen," but there is no way to tell, since nobody has to sign up ahead of time.
Beautiful purple (meaning old) trillium
The weather was hot from the start, after two record-breaking days of heat in Bellingham, but this hike, although steep throughout, is shaded at the beginning, as you can see from that first photo. It was hot but not brutal. Then we hit the meadow, where you begin to climb relentlessly in the sunshine to the overlook, but we took it slow and it wasn't too bad. We were looking forward very much to getting to the top.
Our combined groups at the overlook
The early group arrived at this spot an hour before us, and after a bit of chitchat about the day, the excellent views, with their lunch already eaten, they left and the eight of us settled in for our own lunchtime and rest.
Having lunch and enjoying the spectacular view
The three beautiful mountains that we can see from this vantage point were in full view. Many times we've gotten here in blustery or bad weather and couldn't sit and enjoy it like we did today. There was no snow except for a few patches on the trail coming up. This is very unusual for this early in the season, but nobody was complaining.
Mt Baker and clouds
There was a brisk breeze (which felt wonderful, by the way) while we were on top, and we noticed the clouds beginning to move in and wondered if a change in the weather is on the way. After a half-hour lunch break we started back down the way we had come.
Me and Shuksan behind
I asked Melanie to take a picture of me so I could chronicle myself at this spot. I'm wearing another new hat, hoping it won't be as hot as my others, and with the sunglasses and sunscreen I felt quite protected from the strong sun.
Returning to the cars
And then it was time to head back down. We didn't hike far today, only seven miles total, but the elevation was pretty intense: 2,600 feet (492 meters) in that short three-and-a-half-mile distance. Everyone in both groups did just fine, but I must admit that I am really enjoying my glass of wine right now as I write this. I've got to water the garden once it cools down a bit more, but I have no need to do anything more than that before settling down in my easy chair. Another fine day in the High Country with my great friends.


  1. I love this post. Your title caught my eye and drew me in here! It's very interesting and sounds like lots of fun. Your photos are absolutely beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing this fun time with us…feels like I was right there along with you all.

    Wishing you all the best!

  2. Simply sublime.
    I suspect you have long finished your (totally deserved) wine oclock and watered the garden and hope that your relaxation is blissful.

  3. I consider 7 miles a LOT! And uphill to boot? That's the equivalent of 14 miles in my book. I love that the trillium can look beautiful even as it ages.

  4. Seems like your area is getting some serious heat. Glad it isn't too bad at the elevations. Love the pic with you and the cool back drop. For the views alone, I can see the reason for your hikes. Exercise and delightful company are just added benefits.

  5. A beautiful day with friends. :)

  6. With beautiful weather like this it's hard to forget a hike. Great view if the distant snow covered mountains.

  7. It sounds like quite a challenge. That wine was well deserved.

  8. It's good that you got some nice shots of the snow covered mountains. What a contrast to your actual hike.

  9. Love the photo of YOU best. But, had to giggle about the heat! Once again, a terrific hike.

  10. I have a hat similar to yours mine has vents but my head still sweats and the hat gets wet! What a great hike, love that photo of you in your element! :)


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