Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snug and dry at home

Looking out at the rain
Yes, it's still raining. I know it was only last Thursday when we walked around in the sunshine, and Friday was sunny too, but then the rain began again and hasn't let up at all. We expect another inch or so today and tonight. When I woke this morning,  I realized I wasn't hearing the sound of the rain and thought perhaps it had finally lightened up, but was just a break between storms.

This is my fourth winter in the Pacific Northwest, and it's the first time I've gotten grumpy from the rain. Usually we get a little rain and mist, then some pretty white puffy clouds, a little blue sky, and then it starts all over again. Not lately, though. Day after day of rain. At least I have the gear for the weather, plus I'll be in Florida in a few short weeks. And it's supposed to be sunny again on Friday, so I'll be okay.

It would be nice to go out and do some shopping, but when I am sitting here all warm and dry, it's hard to make myself go out when I don't need to. I caught the bus before the sun came up, standing outside with my warm coat and umbrella and had a great workout at the Y surrounded by my friends, who were also grousing about the weather. By the time I headed home, I was happy to think of being in a cheerful environment with my partner, with my morning workout completed and nowhere else I need to be.
I have a whole bunch of pictures taken on my hikes when the sun was shining, like the one above. I took it last Thursday at Lizard Lake. One thing about living up here in the Pacific Northwest, we do get some pretty snow scenes. I never saw fuzzy snow like this in Colorado.

Several of my blogging friends are having problems downloading pictures. This morning I couldn't post comments. I use Chrome as my browser of choice for blogspot, since they are both Google products and only have the occasional difficulty. I have Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers installed on my laptop and when one doesn't work, I'll pull up another and it will sometimes fix the problem. There is also the old standby of doing a reboot. Blogger is currently having more hiccups than usual, though.


  1. we had rain today but not enough to satisfy me. we need a lot more!

    i like the star weed against the snow in your 2nd photo. :)

  2. Really nice photo of the spikey snow and the weed really stands out. I also had been having difficulty with photos uploading, so opened google chrome and everything was fine. I had been fine up until today, but earlier was not a happy sea dog trying to upload, searching for possible answers on internet and then someone suggested using chrome, so DJan - good advice and i found it worked too. Cheer up kiddo, you've got rain and we are belly deep in snow. I was going to say I was as happy as a clam in the sauce pan, but just how happy would that clam be??
    Hope the sun shines soon for you.

  3. Today was one of those worst days around here, dark and cold and wet all day. I'll be checking on Weather Underground to see if maybe there will be a break tomorrow for a short walk. Today I used my stationary bike again, but getting outside feels better.
    I haven't noticed any trouble with blogger so far. Fingers crossed.

  4. the snow looks rather furry in that picture...and a bit of sun would be nice for you...probably not the best time to tel you its in the 60s his week...and even high 60s by the weekend....cold nights though...smiles....

  5. I adore your fuzzy/furry snow - and in our current weather pattern would be grateful for the snow OR the rain. Have a wonderful time in Florida.

  6. Some of my Vancouver friends get a little fed up with the rain. My son lives near Vancouver and he would never move back here.
    Chrome is always a pain, but I've never had a problem with blogger.

  7. I have some problems with Georgia, but none with the weather. We have so many days of sunshine. Today, like all last week, it has been sunny and in the low 50s and by Saturday we are supposed to get in the low 70s. We do have rain, once in a while, but it does not last. I don’t think that, after having lived here for so long, I could move in an area of so much rain – I’d always be depressed. Already I did not like in Paris to always have a small umbrella in my purse, as it rains there a lot, too. Hopefully the sky will be blue for you in Florida.

  8. I love to enlarge your photos, and when I enlarged the one of the snow, the fuzziness was even more splendid.
    Thank you for sharing photos of beauty that I haven't seen myself (or in photos.) That is the second one you've posted that I have never seen anything like...
    Welcoming you to Florida soon!

  9. I'm sorry that dreary weather is getting you down. It is sunny here, very cold in the morning, but gets up in the 40s and 50s during the day.

    I love the snow photo. Did you notice the leaf in the left lower corner looks like a star? Love it!

  10. Funny how we're all having so much rain. I haven't been able to go walking in a long time and getting out of shape.

    I've heard about people having a bad time with Blogger commenting or posting photos. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. How funny! I just saw that Linda Reeder wrote the same thing.

  11. The weather can have such an impact on our moods.Let's hope there is a break in those clouds soon and the sun breaks through for you before your hike this week.

  12. Yes, some bloggers lost their ability to load photos..the fix for that is to load the photos in html..then switch to compose..it worked for troutbirder. Rita had problems where she couldn't leave comments..but that straightened out after a few days..blogger has it's share of problems.
    We are dreary again in Minnesota too..one day of sun just doesn't count.
    I would be happy if it rained..but only a day or two. We need moisture..every month we go further behind in moisture and soon the trees will start dying:(

  13. I like the *fuzzy snow*! And thanks for the possible fix for my uploading pics prob. I will try using google chrome as my browser. Seems like a simple fix... so, we'll see.

  14. You're right about it being hard to go out when it's cozy and dry inside. I think about going to the gym during those times but sometimes don't have the motivation even to walk outside to my car.

    I'm so grateful to see the sun every day here in Tucson. Yesterday I walked nearly 4 miles, according to the pedometer in my back pocket - including all the steps I took in my line dancing class. It is amazing what sunshine will do for one's spirit.

  15. hiccups indeed....my browser, Firefox, continues to freeze up on some of Blogger Blogs. Dunno why. :o(

    As for the snow...love the sparkle of the sunlight upon the landscape!!

    And yes, we've been getting rains here too, but I will NOT complain this time 'round...we so desperately need to have our reservoirs re-filled.

  16. Too bad about the constant rain. As I write this at 4:10 pm, the sun is shining and it is finally dry after days of rain. Cheers!

  17. I've learned to live with rainy days D-Jan but I do understand how they can get you down.
    The good thing about it is that when the sun does come out, wow, it truly is wonderful.
    We've had about one day of sunshine since the New Year started!

  18. Weather can really affect our mood so I wish more sun for you soon. And I too have been having difficulties with blogspot on the iPad and find it frustrating.

  19. I like your sunshine on the snow photo. The fuzzy snow is pretty, I don't remember having it in Alaska either.

    I haven't had any problems with photos so far but I keep hearing of others who have. I do most everything in HTML so maybe that's the reason or maybe I have been lucky. I hope Blogger gets it fixed soon.

  20. Sorry about the endless rain. I hope you have had a glimpse of sunshine since then. :)

  21. Fuzzy snow?! Very cool!!!

    You're not the first person I've read having pbs with Blogger recently... luckily I haven't had any! Or perhaps I was just not online on the problem days... hmmmm...


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