Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Got your flu shot yet?

I got my flu shot back in October, I think. It might have been in early November, I'm just not sure. But I am very glad I got it! The epidemic is increasing all over the country. I went to the doctor's office today, in spite of the fact that I have caught a cold and hope I didn't spread it to anybody today. Even went so far as to wipe down the pen I used to fill in the paperwork. The doctor assured me that the flu shot should protect many of us in the area, and the strain he's seeing is covered by the vaccine.

It was nice to see my doctor for my annual physical and to be given a pat on the back for how well I seem to be doing. My cholesterol numbers are the best they have been in the four years I've been coming here, and all my other numbers made my doctor quite pleased. Walking out of the clinic, I was gratified to see the sunshine and glad I was able to head home, not wanting to expose anybody else to this cold.

It's only a cold, I'm sure, since all I've got in a stuffy head and a scratchy throat. My temperature was normal, and my weight was even cause for celebration! Two years ago when I went to see Dr. Whitehead for the first time, I realized I had gained ten pounds during the previous year, and now I am not only where I want to be, but maybe I can actually start eating a little bit more every day. It's interesting that I don't seem to have all that much difficulty losing weight once I get on the bandwagon, but you can't stay in a losing mode all the time. Two years ago I started using an app to help me keep track of what I was eating, and during the recent holidays my sister Norma Jean introduced me to HER app, and now I am using it every day. It's called "Lose It" at the app store, and it's even better than my previous one. My iPhone allows me to scan the barcode and it goes into my food diary. Is that cool or what?

Maintenance is my goal during the coming year. If I can enter December 2013 weighing the same as I do right now, I will be thrilled. But it's been a battle: when I stop counting calories and just eat, I begin to gain weight. When I'm tracking every bite, I think about what I'm doing when I put food in my mouth, and it's not as big of a deal to keep under a certain caloric number every day.

Smart Guy and I drove to Snohomish last Sunday, not to make a skydive or anything, but to pick up my repacked parachute harness and container system, which had been languishing at the Drop Zone for months, since there was little to no chance of making a jump. Sunday was sunny and beautiful, the roads were great, but when we got to Harvey Field, the frost had only recently retreated, and all the trees were covered with frost! That did not deter the youngest among us from going up into those blue skies, but I wasn't interested, not at all.
Cessna and jumpmaster (student inside plane practicing exit)
The white on the ground is from the frosty fog that had not yet been burned off from the sun, which had only recently made its appearance. After I paid my bill and made a hasty exit, I'm sure that many more skydives were made that day. I didn't realize at the time I was coming down with a cold, but it didn't matter: I was not tempted.

Today I am sitting in my chair writing this post, while paroxysms of sneezes capture me and I give thanks that I am in a warm, dry place with a partner who is busy making my dinner for me while I write this post. Not to mention that I got a "well done" from my doctor! Life is good.


  1. i am glad all of your 'scores' were good ones! hoping the cold will pass quickly with no residual cough or anything!

  2. ugh...hope you feel better...a cold stinks almost as bad as the flu...no shot this year for me...though after my 48 hours with the flu a few weeks back...well i might have wished...smiles....

  3. Congratulations on all the good numbers. It's clear you're doing it right.

  4. Colds are never fun but they're much better than the flu. I haven't done the flu shot. Hopefully I won't regret that. I hope you feel better very soon.

  5. Sounds like you had a very good doctor's visit today.
    I pray that nasty old cold will leave you very soon.
    Hugs to you, my friend,

  6. Cool that you did so well in your annual check up. I haven't had one for two years as I don't have a family doc at this time.
    I don't have a cold either. I hope you get rid of yours.

  7. I had a few blood tests today too, plus blood pressure and weight checks. All is good except for the weight. I have put on about ten pounds since my lowest weight after my weight loss campaign. I am back to counting calories, but it is harder this time, because I got so fond of the goodies I allowed myself over the holidays. I will persist.
    When I left the clinic today I used the hand sanitizer before exiting. I think your flu germ worry infected me. :)

  8. Congrats on a great check up! Having a cold is no fun but it sounds like you aren't letting it get you down. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. I am not in the slightest surprised by your good report at the doctors. I am surprised that you are even able to put on weight. You are soooo active I had assumed that it was burnt off before it was swallowed.
    I hope your cold (miserable, miserable things) leaves you quickly. What did Smart Guy cook for your dinner?

  10. Congratulations DJan on the great checkup at your Doctor's visit. I am amazed at myself too, for in Feb of last year, I weighed in at 141 and this year in Jan I just weighed myself and am holding at 121. I did not starve myself. I just stopped eating JUNK and have 3exceptionally healthy meals a day (totally boosting my immune system and my general health) and I am not a vegetarian - that plus exercise and more of the exercise, seems to be working fine for me. Seems to me that you have had ? the same cold off and on for some time since the fall. I remember you going hiking with one and one earlier than that. There have been many people around here down with colds off and on since their flu shots and they just cannot seem to shake it. Seems like its got better and gone, but there they are - sick again with cold. I do not get the flu shot - its the part about the pharmaceutical companies making billions of dollars with it being pushed at us and Getting the flu shot does not guarantee you won't get the flu, whether a full dose or mild dose of it or suffer in some other way - not referring to you DJan, but there are a lot of anxious people out there that are misguided about "getting that flu shot that's going to protect them from the flu". I just happen to be one of those people that asked the question - "Exactly what are you putting into my body" - no real answers given, so I did some deep research on the subject and confirmed my action of not getting the flu shot...and this in no way is advising anyone else not to get it. I find we are living in a world or great and false advertisement and most people just do not bother to look behind the advertisement. Kinda like " If the Government and Pharmaceutical and Health Officials say it is good, then it must be good"???? Have a great day.

  11. All good news except for your cold. Hope you get over that before Florida. You may have to take a Sudafed the day you fly. The flu is filling the hospitals here. Yes I got my flu shot..I saw on the Today show that you should watch out for menus ( I had not thought of that one)..bathroom doors and faucet handles...I never touch those:)

  12. Life IS good!!! My goodness, for all that you do to keep active, eat healthy, and get plenty of rest and fresh air, I am not in the least surprised that your doctor gave you a thumbs up!!!

    Keep up the good work. You're an inspiration to us all.

    That plane on the blanket of frost image is mighty pretty. Well, at least PRETTY darned cold looking. LOL

    Get rid of that nasty cold like symptoms. Soon.

  13. Congrats, DJan! Always nice to hear encouraging news, whether from a doctor or someone else. Bravo!

  14. Good job. It seems that when you make up your mind to something you do indeed stick to it. I am in awe of your lowering of cholesterol levels as well as your weight. What are the things you changed to lower the cholesterol? I am in that mode now, and started taking a fish oil tablet every night and eating oatmeal each morning. I go back next month for blood work to see if this has helped. Wish I lived closer so I could make you some soup.

  15. Again congrats on the good exam report! I do think you're right about keeping track of what you eat... at least most of the time. It does make a difference... if only to keep you *aware*. I plan to check out your sister's app.

    I don't count calories, but I do believe in moderation.

  16. Hope you can throw off that cold soon. Well done for your medical achievements.

  17. Sorry you've got a cold D-Jan but hopefully with care it won't turn into anything worse.
    Here we are so densely populated that it is hard to avoid germs and I just head on into them with my fingers crossed. I never got a flu shot this winter because I had a spider bite followed by a cough and it never seemed the right time to get it done. Roll on Spring!!!

  18. Good job on your numbers! And I'm sorry you've got a cold - but you don't have the flu - so that's something else to be thankful for.

    My company offers free shots to the employees and I have been a grateful recipient.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  19. Good for you! Who knew that as we got older, we would be 'numbers' people. I am so concerned about my numbers lately. My doc has a card on her desk that says, "know your numbers." I am paying attention to my numbers.

    When it comes to counting calories, I have such a hard time. I also am using "Lose it." I like it, but hate to use it. I know it works. I just don't seem to be committed to having the discipline to use it. You are doing the right thing by being so disciplined.

  20. I'm always inspired by you
    I need to know my numbers instead of just looking the other way

    hugs from me and Hope
    feel better

  21. I hope you're feeling better! Colds are so damn annoying! :o(

    Stay warm and stay dry!

  22. Thanks for the suggestion about the Lose It app. I have 10 or so really stubborn pounds I need to lose so I'm going to check it out.


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