Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another day in Paradise

Yesterday, Norma Jean, her neighbor Doris, two dogs, and Yours Truly went off to St. Petersburg to frolic in the surf. Florida's west coast has many beautiful beaches, and we were originally headed off to Fort De Soto Park, which has a dog-friendly beach. We decided to stop first for a nice lunch, and found a place right on the beach and ended up going no further. We watched pelicans diving for fish, walked in the surf, and enjoyed the magnificent sunshine. There was quite a breeze, as a storm was due in by evening. Doris' dog Jingles was afraid of the wind, the water, and the unfamiliar surroundings, so she held him most of the time. He did get a bit better before too long.
Can you tell it was windy? Jingles is a 12-year-old rescue dog that Doris has had for two years, since her husband died. Nobody knows what Jingles history was, but he growled, bit, and was generally disagreeable when he first came to live with her. Doris persevered, and now Jingles plays with Norma Jean's dog all the time and has learned to play with dog toys. It took more than a year before he was comfortable in his new environment.

Since the drive to St. Petersburg was more than an hour, and after we had finished lunch, we decided we had already had a fine time at the beach, so we decided to skip the park and drive back home. Norma Jean and I took a nice little walk around her community and spied these little ducks looking for lunch. We laughed as they paddled their feet to keep themselves in this position.
As I approached to get more pictures, the ducks decided that maybe they should take off before we got too close. The setting sun behind them caught the light and made this a favorite shot. Yes, indeed, another day in Paradise. I am so enjoying being with Norma Jean and sharing the life she lives these days.
The projected storm came through during the night, with wind and rain and more than a twenty-degree drop in temperature. Yesterday was in the 80s, and today it's in the 50s. But the sun is still shining and I will miss seeing it like this. I still have another week, and I'm going to enjoy it!


  1. Beautiful windy day in FL...and I'm so glad that you are having a good time. with Norma Jean.
    That storm came through here last night and the temp. change today is amazing...but like you said, the sun is shining!
    Continue to enjoy your time with your sweet sister.
    So glad you love it here.

  2. 'sharing the life she lives these days' says exactly how i feel when i get to breathe the same air my sister does. :)

  3. Ft Desoto is my fav beach of all time!!!!! we used to go there when i lived in Valrico...would dive and find live sand dollars...lovely pics of the ocean.....sounds like a great trip so far to me...smiles....

  4. hmmm. Wonder what the temperature is in Miami today. David and I will be there in August. Lol.

  5. Definitely sounds like Paradise!
    Enjoy the next week!

    Florida is lovely in winter... pity it's so hot and muggy in summer! :o(

  6. what a great day!!
    Bless Norma Jean for taking Jingles in and making him feel safer
    lovely photos

  7. You had a super day. Was this the storm that gave all the tornadoes in one of the other states?
    Enjoy the sun.

  8. Am loving these posts from Florida! These pictures are fabulous and I can *almost* feel the warmth!

  9. It does look a little windy down there. I'm glad to hear Doris took the time needed to help Jingles get over whatever trauma or abuse he had suffered previously. All animals deserve loving homes.

    I love your surf shot DJan, the beaches around St. Petersburg are gorgeous.

  10. That storm that you got the tail of was quite vicious farther north.
    We MIGHT get some sun Friday afternoon and Saturday.
    And - I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks! That's good news for all of us "oldsters".

  11. Tonight it's 55 here on the east coast. St Pete will probably be colder. Our daughter takes her dog to that beach!


  12. Looks like a great day at the beach to me..I love that area of Florida, we were stationed at MacDill it was home for awhile!
    Great rescue for good to hear when they work out:):)

  13. That water looks so inviting! Looks like you're having tons of fun - even with the wind. ;)

  14. Temperatures are going nuts all over the mainland from what I can see. The scary thing is the tornadoes and such that they brew. I'm excited for you that you're enjoying your vacation with your sister so much.

  15. The beaches of the west coast of Florida are the most beautiful in the world when there are no oil spills. Cute ducks.

  16. Beautiful pix.
    Nobody could think you weren't sisters, could they!
    It all looks so bright and sunny . . . sigh... I'd love to be there instead of here where the high will e 24 degrees today.

  17. I do envy you walking barefoot in the water and enjoying the warm sunshine. We had 90mph winds and higher gusts and rain, trees down and power outages, but warm and dry. Your Sister has a heart much like yours DJan - nice rescue story.Enjoy

  18. Ain't life grand in Florida?

    And Arizona!

  19. Oh yes....all time and anytime, the coast life is perfect [well, maybe not when a hurricane is headed there].

    Bud and I spent a few hours on a very windy day at the beach too, it was most difficult to stand upright sometimes.

    A glorious day out with your loved ones, fur babies, and friends. Even the duck-tailed ones.

    Great photos, so glad you're having a good time.

  20. Dear DJan, I just read the three postings you've done thus far on your trip to Florida to visit Norma Jean. The story you are telling is such a joyous one with Norma Jean and you the main characters and the beaches and sites of Florida the scene and the suspense and plot the daily adventures you have together.

    I hope the temperature there has rebounded back up into the 80s. Last Sunday it was 65 F. here on the western side of Missouri. Yesterday it was 1 F with a windchill of -15!

    Enjoy the next week and please keep us posted about the joy of being with your sister. Peace.

  21. Really like that first photo of you two in the surf! We lived in Florida the first 2 years DH and I were married. I have never been a swimmer, but I really do like to 'walk on the beach'. Enjoy!

  22. Ah the more I read the more I wish to fly south. Glad you had so much to see and enjoy.


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