Friday, April 9, 2010

Tenth photo

CrazyCris over at Here and There and Everywhere just tagged me in a photo meme, with the instructions to find the tenth photo in my first album (that's over there on Picasa if you have a blogspot blog) and post it with a note. Well, here it is: Smart Guy and me on our wedding day, getting married in freefall May 5, 1994. We are passing the symbolic Baton of Commitment (in his left hand) while flying (okay, falling) over Loveland, Colorado. On our marriage certificate, we stated that we would be married when we passed through 5,500 feet on 5/5, and nobody objected, so there you are.

In Colorado, you don't need anyone to "marry" you (like an ordained minister) as long as you both sign the certificate and get a witness. Our camera man Bill acted as our witness, and we had another private ceremony on a hilltop near our home earlier in the day.

Now I believe the only other thing I am supposed to do here is pass the instructions along to five other people, and IF YOU WANT, go to your Picasa web albums and look at what the tenth picture is in your first album, and let us know by writing a post about it. Nobody will come banging on your door if you decide this is a silly meme, and believe me, if my tenth picture was not one I wanted to share with you, I'd do what Cris did and substitute, or just blow it off. No worries. This blogosphere is supposed to be fun, not work!
Weather Vane (Rae's picture will be probably be funny)
Somebody Else's Nose (Whitney's lovely blog about her family life)
A Slower Pace (Linda in Portland doesn't accept awards so might not respond)
Animal Talk (Jan's animal blog, it's gonna be a critter)
Far Side of Fifty (Connie has 3 blogs, this will be interesting)
I just tagged those I felt curious about. And if you don't want to do it, please don't feel obligated.


  1. cool! and that's definitely the crazyest wedding ceremony I've ever heard about! lol! weren't you worried about dropping the baton? :p

    I don't have any picasa albums other than the one my blogger photos get uploaded into so I didn't think to look there! mine are iphoto folders.

    I'll check back later and see if any of the people you've tagged do the same... will be fun to go "blog-hopping" looking for 10th photos! :o)

  2. I admire you so. I love your creativity and this picture shows just how creative you are. I don't know of anyone else that has gotten married at 5,500 feet. I will search through my album and see what is there. I almost hate to see what it is. I am sure it will some stupid thing. It will still be fun though.

  3. Wow! What a wedding! Now that's a commitment I'd be afraid of!

  4. Incredible wedding! Congrats!

  5. I have seen this photo before, and I've read your life story -so far, but this still amazes me.

  6. I LOVE this picture! I may do this tomorrow. The picture thing, not the sky diving thing! I have to get off this computer now. I not only love the picture, I love the story and the romance behind it. You are just one of the coolest people I know, DJ. Maybe one of these trips to Spokane I can get a chance to make a little side trip to meet you. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  7. I absolutely love this story. What a unique wedding. I had no idea about the Colorado marriage requirements; it kind of leaves the field wide open for planning. I doubt many people are as creative as ya'll, though!

    Okay, I posted my photo...I guess I'm lucky it's not so fuzzy shot of my recent delivery!

  8. I guess it all worked. LOL Neat wedding. I wonder what the courtship could have been like?

  9. Wow...what a neat idea to get married in such a unique way!

  10. DJ best wishes hahaha! I still remember when I tagged you...was it also the 10 photo in the 10 folder? Or you have that photo in every folder? LOL! Just kidding.


  11. How interesting that you don't need a minister to marry you in Colorado! That's original and a good idea I think. Lovely photo you picked to show us.
    Blessings, Star

  12. I wouldn't expect anything else from you than just exactly something like the way you got married! You're like me and after having gotten married a couple of times the traditional way, it doesn't mean much. Getting married like you did meant something to the two of you! Tell me though, at 5400, did you get 'the kiss"?

  13. Love your style DJan, that's a great way to tie the knot! I noticed we were married in the same year, we married November 1994. Hubby proposed to me at about 6,000 ft (rim of Crater Lake).

  14. I love your wedding speaks volumes about you!
    I did the first folder thing was the grandgirls! I have so many many photos..I will decline this time..but thanks for the invite! :)


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