Saturday, April 24, 2010

New sewing machine!

Say hello to our newest family member! Smart Guy and I just walked in the door with this precious Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116. After discovering on line that there is a store here in Bellingham that only deals with sewing machines and vacuum cleaners (mostly sewing machines), we went over there to check out the machines that might serve our needs.

And of course we walked out with this one! It's a real beauty, and I was sold as soon as I heard the sweet hum as it sewed. It's called an "entry-level" machine, although if you look at the link you can see it does all of what most people use sewing machines for. The store also offers a free two-hour class to show you how to use all the bells and whistles the machine offers. But we have an instruction booklet and plenty to learn about first.

Smart Guy was a parachute rigger in earlier days, so we needed to get a machine that could handle heavier-duty materials (this one can) and can also do the things I need it to do. Plus we can take it back for an entire year at full price if we decide we need something more fancy.

Thinking of Linda (I get my two Lindas confused: one of them sews really fancy designs on her t-shirts and whatnot and the other is in the market for a sewing machine) and what she can do on her machines, I MIGHT decide in the next year to trade up, but for now this retired old lady is going to town on things that have been sitting in her closet for ages wishing she had a sewing machine. Now she does!

Of course you will be treated to a blow-by-blow description of my first efforts to use the machine. Unless all that sewing I used to do comes back to me, like riding a bike. For now, I'm excited to use this new, very useful toy!


  1. Wow, when you make a decision, you are decisive! That sewing machine looks nifty and I know you will enjoy using it.

    Although I used to sew my clothes while a college student, I now buy all of my muumuus from Sears. Too lazy to sew. Besides, I have forgotten how to thread the machine and which needles to use for certain fabrics.

    Good luck!

  2. I have to tell you that my grandson did his first sky dive a couple weeks ago. My daughter sent me a pic. He was smiling so big I thought a bird would fly into his mouth. I thought of you. And I bet you have lots of projects that your new sewing machine will be used for. Now days I only use my sewing machine for altering clothes or making curtains. I have an apron cut out but haven't sewn it together yet. LAZY. Enjoy your new sewing machine. Sounds like this is something you and your honey can share.

  3. Have fun with it! I got a new Singer about a year and a half ago. I had a few problems with it jamming fabric down into the needle hole, but most of the time it works great and I'm a happy camper.

  4. Wow! How exciting! I'm waiting for some posts about this new machine and what you're doing with it.

    Bob and I went out this morning to a place like you apparently went. I very quickly fell in love with one about $500 more than I wanted to pay. It was a $700 Brother machine. After it, anything below it didn't appeal to me. I came home without buying. Still have one more place to go.

    I still have my mother's machine which I could have cleaned and use it but it does nothing but straight sewing, forward and backward. Forget ever trying to do a buttonhole on it.

    You may find yourself needing a serger like the other Linda has. Her husband gave one to her for Christmas and she knew then she would be making a lot of flags for the soccer games. Her son is a real fan and so are they and there's a group that stick together. I think her son and husband have been involved as well. She's made some big flags. I suppose they make them out of parachute type material.

    This is exciting.

  5. Oh you're going to love that. I bet you can't wait to get started! I love mine. I'm just now doing some quilting, which is new to me, so I'm making a lot of mistakes, but enjoying it just the same.
    Blessings, Star

  6. Congrats! I want one, too. Let me know how this one works out for you.

  7. VERY nice!!! You will have great fun with that! I have a Kenmore and I am happy with it. It does all I need to do. Enjoy!!!

  8. ooh! nice "toy"! ;o)

    That's one of those things I've been tempted on and off to get... but then figure I wouldn't get enough use out of it to make it worthwhile and wouldn't know what to do with it other than hem pants that are always too long more me! :p Maybe some future me with more time available will be inspired and do the same thing... dig back to my seamstress grandmother and tailor great-grandfather roots! ;o)

  9. My moms old tredle Singer was old when she got it and she used it most of her life. She made money fixing clothes for people or making new things out of Gold Medal Flour sacks. She finally did get an electric Singer and used that till the day she died. I bought Patty a new portable the same year we got married and it had a button hole attachment. Nothing else. She used it with five kids growing up but not much and it is as old as we have been married or soon will be. Nothing like the machine you got whose name I won't attempt to pro-nounce!

  10. Hello DJ...I posted a comment earlier, but where is it? Good thing I visited your blog again...well anyway I'll just type it again.

    What I've said was...congratulations and I know you will have fun using it and creating stuff! I just finished sewing curtains for my Father's house and your sewing machine is almost the same as mine. Mom taught me how to operate her manual sewing machine when I was still a kid and until now I haven't forgotten it, the only difference is I am using an electric machine, and I can't sew clothes like Mom used to do, it always ends up with uneven hemline awww!


  11. You're not going to believe this, but just the other day I was thinking of buying a sewing machine. You've done my research for me...! *heh*

  12. It seems sewing is coming back in fashion for young people 22 year old son has found an interest. Also...a website that sells hand stitched clothing is very popular among young people. ( They boast the use of single needle sewing. I find this amazing!
    Happy sewing! Love your new machine. Have fun.

  13. I saw the Brother machine I bought at the Puyallup fair, but didn't buy it until I checked out the local shop, AAA Quality Sewing and Vacuum. The shop is very important, the place you go for classes, for supplies, and most of all to confess "I broke it" and have them fix it for you while assuring you they have done worse. I do recommend buying a service contract. Mine has sure paid off.
    Have fun!

  14. Cool sewing machine DJan, but I thought Husqvarna made motorcycles. Shows what I know! I'm looking forward to seeing your first projects.

    My grandmother taught me to sew on an old treadle machine but I have to admit I liked the machine better than the sewing. I have had classes as well and can sew but it is not my favorite thing to do.

  15. That's exciting! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with that. I have a little bitty sewing machine buried in a closet somewhere...I'm not sure I remember how to use it. My freshman year of high school I took a sewing class. Our big project was a dress which I decided I'd make for my sister. It was a simple pattern, just four panels. Somehow, when it was all said and done, I realized I had swapped the front left and back left panels. Bless my sister, who actually went to school one day in a dress that fit quite snugly over her left breast and had a big wrinkle across her back!

  16. You go girl! I want to see your projects!! :)

  17. You have inspired me dig out my old MySpace post about my sewing machine... I don't think you would be charmed with the 'hum' it makes! It's more like a high-pitched squeal! I've had it since junior high. Mr J keeps telling me I need a new one. I don't think I can give up this loyal friend...

    Have fun with your new machine!

  18. I use to sew and love it. Haven't done any in years!! Maybe when I retire!! Love your new machine!!


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