Monday, April 19, 2010

Our food choices

Our fridge, 19 April 2010 (click to enlarge)
Linda over at A Slower Pace asked if I would write about how my food choices have changed since we moved to the Pacific Northwest from Boulder, Colorado. It has now been two years since we began our retired life here in Bellingham, and it's been quite a journey in so many ways.

First, I have learned so much from the bloggers I follow, and Robynn over at Robynn's Ravings got me excited about learning how to leave genetically modified foods behind, and I've been very successful at it, which is part of what has inspired some very different food choices. We are what is known as "pescatarians," eating fish but no other flesh foods, and we do eat a fair amount of soy products. We used to drink Silk, but it's not organic. Organic Valley uses organic whole soybeans, which are not GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

We also recently began using hempseed oil and hulled hempseeds, both of which I absolutely love, because they are so TASTY! They also are very high in omegas 3 and 6, which are good for the heart. I sprinkle a little of those hempseeds on just about everything I eat these days, because I really like their flavor. We also use flaxseed, which is a little nuttier but not as tasty to me. Those tupperware containers have brussels sprouts, broccoli, red cabbage, and some asparagus that has been steamed and prepared lovingly by Smart Guy. I like to make a mixture, pop it in the microwave, and season to taste.

We are very blessed to have the Community Food Co-op here, which has a very enlightened outlook on how to provide organic and high-quality food to its members. They also "promote a sustainable economy by supporting organic and sustainable food production and other environmentally and socially responsible businesses locally, regionally, and nationally." This makes it easy to trust the foods I get there. The other day, just for fun, I tried to find any food in the store that has high-fructose corn syrup in it, and I couldn't! I was just sure I would be able to find some in the soft drinks, but they don't carry those brands.

We also buy organic bread from the Bellingham Great Harvest Bread Company. They make both organic and non-organic breads, but lately we have moved to buying their organic spelt and kamut breads. The organic breads cost a little more, but I figure it's worth it. Even the non-organic breads are made with locally grown flour.

The Co-op and the Bellingham Farmers' Market are indispensable in our quest to get the best food we can afford. Our food choices give us the ability to be healthy and vigorous in what is rapidly becoming the "late afternoon of our lives." Much better image than the "golden years," don't you think?


  1. We've been doing much the same thing. I was able to get a couple of ideas from your post. We also like organic chia seeds. I sprinkle them on everything.

  2. Ditto...been eating this way for a while. Love using spelt flour in place of white flour for baking. I only question the use of the micro wave holistic doctor once told me there was evidence that nutrients were lost by its use. Have you heard anything about this? I'll need to do some research now.
    Missed visiting with you...glad to be on the tail ends of spring cleanup and should be around a bit more now. Sending my love. Catch ya later. xxoo

  3. Thanks, this is so good. I plan to spend some time looking into the things you've mentioned. I like your idea about the vegetables in tupperware, sprinkling seeds on them and hitting the nuke button. I think I might be able to accomplish that.

    Very good.

  4. Impressive--you really have a good system. Once I've retired I hope to do a little more shopping at farmers' markets and co-ops. I'm impressed that you couldn't find any products with HFCS at your store!

  5. You are very fortunate to have a quality market to buy fresh produce. It seems your area is very health aware. I wish we had something like that here. My community has no place to buy "good" food. We are forced to buy whatever Walmart provides - so you can imagine the quality. I am appalled at what they offer.

  6. I enjoyed the peek in your refrigerator. One of our daughters is a vegetarian and introduced us to soy and other things.

  7. DJ, I enjoyed reading your blog even if I'm reading it without my glasses on. I am glad that organic food are very well appreciated by the people nowadays. We also, are very particular about the food we buy in the market, we stayed away from food with preservatives even with fruits and veggies. We also use organic skin and hair care products and it works well!


  8. We moved here from the Portland/Vancouver area and our diet has changed. We eat a lot more farm fresh and more organic as well.

    I had forgotten about hulled hempseed mostly because I haven't seen them in awhile. They are very tasty.

  9. I'm going to have to look for hempseed. And I didn't know that about Silk. I'll have to look for the other since that's what Jordan drinks.

    I am trying to slowly alter out eating habits (it's tough because my hubby is super picky), but I find it's tougher to get to some of the places to shop now that I'm toting two. The grocery store happens to be open late which fits our schedule a little better these days. I do try to be cognizant of what I'm buying and do my best to avoid the overly processed stuff. Fortunately my toddler loves fruits and veggies so I'm able to stick to fresh and organic. I really want to get into local produce; this post gives me more incentive!

  10. I love to peek into other people's cupboards - at their invitation, of course. I've been having a hard time over here finding things which I consider healthy. For example, I love yoghurt but all the yoghurts have so much sugar in them, about 4 teaspoons is average. Yes, in each yoghurt! Finally I found a Greek yoghurt in Freshmarket and that's lovely but it is a little high in the fat content. Each pot has apx. 200 calories, so I compromise by eating half a pot for one meal and the other half the next day. Works for me!
    Very interesting things in your fridge. I don't know what soy is used for. Do you drink it?
    Blessings, Star

  11. Thank you so much for this post! I know I need to eat better but it seems so hard for me!!


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