Thursday, April 15, 2010

Anderson Mountain

Seventeen Senior Trailblazers carpooled to the Big Stump designating the beginning of today's hike, covering a total of just over ten miles and up and down somewhere around 2,200 feet of elevation. This beautiful picture of our friend Mt. Baker is taken in one of the only places where I had a view of the mountains that would peek every once in awhile through the trees, taken in the early afternoon. (News flash: our fearless leader just emailed me with my error: this is not Mt. Baker but is the South Sister! This is why it looks so different to me: it IS different!) The day had dawned beautifully clear and not cold, with a threat of rain in the afternoon forecast.
We started out with clear skies. After a short uphill hike, we passed through an area of clearcut forest, pretty sad looking, actually (click any photo to enlarge). But it was the first time we had a view, so I took this picture to show you the clear skies and the fallen trees we had to hike over and around. Once we left the clearcut behind and gained some elevation, we began to see some of the leftover snow from the system that moved through last week.
After a short while, we were hiking through snow at least 8 inches deep, which continued for a couple of miles. When I think of what it was like up there last Thursday, I'll bet lots of people were on cross country skis or snowshoes. We just slogged along, until we stopped for lunch at 12:00. Was I ever glad for my new gaiters!
At one point on the trail, we saw these skunk cabbage beginning to emerge in this stream. Some people have asked why "Fragrance Lake" has that name, well, it's these guys: and they are not fragrant in a good way, hence the name "skunk." But today these sprouts had no smell. We did hear hunters practicing their shooting for a long time, and we worried a little that the shots seemed awfully close at times. One of our hikers is a hunter, though, and he assured us that we would not be seen as game.
On the descent, I took this picture to show the bay as well as the threatening clouds. Before we reached our trailhead and the cars, it had begun to rain a little. It was wonderful to have a great excursion, with my good friends, and finish just as the rain began to fall. Now it's the end of the day, I have my wine, my partner, and the sore muscles from a good day's work.


  1. Wonderful hike and views! I assume you wore boots in that snow. What type? Were they rubber?

    I have a pair of boots, but they are suede, probably inappropriate for snow. I have yet to wear them.

    Love your comment about sore muscles. My only exercise today was walking in the supermarket and the parking lot.

  2. What more could you want? Wine, your partner and more whine! LOL!

    What a lucky gal you are to live in such a beautiful place....

  3. Wow. You blow me away with your pics and feats.

    I miss the west coast...

  4. DJ I am imagining I am hiking with you in that snow filled mountain...what a great experience! But I felt sad when I saw fallen trees, have a happy weekend my friend.


  5. Your hike must have left you tired, but still envigorating for the soul. My small hikes in the woods here do it for me. You do live in a special part of our country, DJan!

  6. too bad the loggers were so haphazard..they really left a mess..beautiful photo of Mt Baker..thanks for taking us along..I always enjoy your hikes!:)

  7. Sounds like a long way to go, to me!! Glad you didn't fall over the logs.
    Blessings, Star

  8. That is definitely a Wow shot of Mt. Baker, I always love your views of the Cascades. It sounds like a great hike with reasonable weather. We are suppose to hit the mid seventies over the weekend so most of the lower elevation mountain snow should be gone soon.

  9. I think that may the prettiest picture you've posted of Mt. Baker! It sounds like you encountered quite a bit of diversity in the weather and the scenery. I guess that's what happens when you hike as far and as high as you do:) I hate to see the clear cut, but it looks like it was done awhile back so it's not as awful looking as I'm sure it once was.


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