Monday, April 5, 2010

The legs tell the story

I took this picture of my legs this morning, wanting to show you what some well-used ones look like. They have been with me since 1942, and they are still going strong. The knees give me some trouble on the downhill parts of our hikes, and without my trekking poles I would be in serious pain, but I can still hike as much as I want. My left knee that had the ACL replacement also has some meniscus damage and sometimes it clicks and pops. 

For about twenty years I ran (actually jogged) with these legs on a regular basis, but the serious skydiving accident I had ten years ago stopped that. However, I'm still skydiving during the summer months (and have already made four this year, not too bad for a lot of rainy weekends lately). I used to make about 30 skydives a month on average, but I'm happy to have other activities now that I'm getting a little older. My time spent at the YMCA in the company of many like-minded friends is high on my list.

And those of you who read this blog regularly know that I go hiking with the Senior Trailblazers every Thursday and add a post with pictures of each day's adventures. Because of this group, I now know about many wonderful hikes in the Mt. Baker Wilderness Area. Last week I learned that many of us were hurting by the end of our 11-mile jaunt. Many Seniors take drugs before heading out the door (like ibuprofin, Naprosin, etc.).

I am trying my best to live up to the spirit of this poem by an anonymous author. I've seen a few different versions of it, but this is the one I like best:
Life is not a journey to the grave
With the intention of
Arriving safely in a pretty
And well preserved body,
But rather to skid in broadside,
Thoroughly used up,
Totally worn out,
And loudly proclaiming,
WOW !!!! What a ride!


  1. Girl...those are some knees! You're a trooper! Mine are pretty well shot...but I just yell at them and tell them to get goin'...or else! Don't know what I'd do if they gave out on me since gardening is my passion. I've already had to mow the lawn this year...spring is swinging into full gear! I have too large of a home and property for one person, and do all the work myself, but I attribute my good health to hard work...keeps a girl young.
    Absolutely loved the's a total blast popping in here!
    Hope your week is off to a great start!

  2. They say God does not make mistakes but I'm not sure I believe that. Knees have a devine flaw in their design.

  3. Those are still some pretty good lookin legs. We all have a few battle scars as we age. I have alot more than you do. Even with the problems yours are still going strong and carrying you on those hikes. You are a very lucky individual.

  4. You better watch it! You'll be getting email offers showing off your assets like that!

  5. I don't skydive, but I do hike. If it's not the knees, it's the ankles that give us reason to pause.

  6. What a ride indeed! skydiving! I still can't get over that!

  7. You are the bees knees......I think it is wonderful that you hike and skydive, just because we are getting older doesn't mean we have to sit in a chair and wait for death to come knocking....I just love your attitude.
    ..........:-) Hugs

  8. I am pleased that your knees are in working order. Mine, because of two injuries at work, are not too great and I am not pleased. I guess we can’t complain though as many others have it much worse. With all your weekly treks up your mountains, you are an athlete in my book.

  9. I love it that you let your legs do the talking! And the walking. And somehow it's comforting to me to hear that you do actually experience some pain as a result of those mountain hikes.

  10. You have young looking legs!! All that walking has paid off!!

  11. Speaking of legs I just had a relaxing Thai leg massage yesterday and you know what? I had the best massage ever after hiking in muddy trails.

    And about your legs, I thought it still good to go for more hiking, diving, jogging, kicking and everything that legs can do!

    Hello DJ! I have missed you.


  12. That's some pretty good battle scars DJan but they look like they still have a lot of miles left to go. A lot of backpacking and college soccer matches have left me with a scar or two.

    I love the poem at the end of your post, I too try to keep that one in mind.

  13. Wow! What a ride!


    You have pretty good-looking legs, considering they have carried you through life since 1942. I have a feeling they have done their share of dancing on a summer evening too. :-)



  14. I will trade mine for yours?

    I don't see any brown patches like I got from bad heart and circulation issues.

  15. Oh, I think you are so creative!!! What a fun post!! Your labels on the photo are hilarious! And I think you are simply amazing!!! That poem is PERFECT! Love you, dear DJ! ~Janine XO

  16. I'm not sure I'd feel much like hiking if I had the 'clicking' knee you have! Even more reason to admire your drive and dedication to hiking. Does the landing not hurt your knees? I've gotta say, they're good looking legs still!

  17. Good looking legs for an old lady!! A few scars..etc..all normal for a super active lady like you!! As long as they get you to where you want to go! :)


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