Thursday, June 15, 2023

Two Dollar, Fragrance, and Burnout

Our amazing 12 Trailblazers

Today, twelve Senior Trailblazers gathered to do another hike to Burnout Point, this time led by Barb, who decided we would start from the Two Dollar trail and head from there up to Burnout Point. We did one similar to this a month ago, starting from a different place. Today we had twelve, two men and ten women, and we also had incredible weather, cool but cloudy to start, clearing off to full sun.

Beautiful setting for our excursion

From the Two Dollar trail, we kept on hiking until we got to Fragrance Lake and then went up the logging road to the turnoff to Burnout. 

Barb showing us our route

From this point, we headed up to the service road that would take us to many different parts of our destination. First of all,\ was a visit to our lunch spot, and a view of the beautiful Samish Bay.

Although hazy, it was also beautiful

We settled down around noon for a nice repast and a time to collect ourselves for the return trip, which we thought might be challenging (it was). But so pretty!

The clouds began to lift a little

As we enjoyed our lunch, we noticed that the clouds did indeed lift a bit, but it was still wonderfully warm and sunny when we began our return trip. It turned out to be a little longer than we thought it would be, but gosh it was beautiful.

Return trip

We headed back to the place on the road where we could make our way back to Fragrance Lake and the Two Dollar trail. It was longer and harder than I expected, but I managed to keep myself together, along with eleven others who were feeling tired, too.

Fragrance Lake today

We passed by the lake as we hiked back to the Two Dollar trail. It was just as pretty later in the day as it was earlier, when I didn't actually stop to take a picture. Now, I am going to try something different: Julie, one of the hikers, always takes a video of the day, and I'm going to try to put it in here. I just now received it from her, and after watching it twice, I am hoping I'll be able to share it with you. We went around eleven miles today, with lots of elevation gain and loss, but I'm not sure how much.

I do hope you can see the video. It was a truly memorable day, with twelve fantastic new friends! Oh, and I'm sorry I forgot to write a post last Tuesday, and ask forgiveness for just spacing it out! 



  1. The video worked for me. Lively shots.

  2. Hiking is all the better with great companions. My birding group works the same way. we get to know one another.

  3. Samish Bay was beautiful alright, and what a nice surprise with that brief video! Can we get a longer one with you speaking to the camera, DJan? 🙂👍

  4. How beautiful and I love that you have found new friends.

  5. The video worked and was a nice surprise! I hope to see more of them. :)

  6. Lovely hike with lovely friends!

  7. It sounds like a challenging hike but fun for everyone. Great to see the video! Another skill mastered! Learning as a senior is always great! That is a gorgeous part of the planet, Akan.

  8. What a great time! So nice you have new friends to join up with.

  9. Eleven miles and that is the easy group! Nice Video! :)

  10. A hard, but enjoyable hike with friends, great video.

  11. Liked the video, DJan! But it was so short, I had to play it 3 times to find you. ; )

  12. It’s Saturday and I’m just now getting around to your Thursday post. I can’t believe it 😊 you missed a post on Tuesday? You are the most reliable blogger I know so that is quite amazing, but, hey, if anyone deserves a day off, it is you. Thanks for sharing all your photos of this hike up in Bellingham territory. Yes, I enjoyed the video too! 😊 To me, 11 miles is a long way and especially with all the elevation change. Another fine post on DJan-ity.


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