Thursday, June 1, 2023

Raptor Ridge from Gates Overlook

Bellingham Bay from the Overlook

This picture of the view from Gates Overlook was taken after our hike, because at the beginning of the day the view was misty and a bit overcast. But later, it was clear, and here you get to see the lovely view. Our day started out quite cool and cloudy, but as you can see, it got better.

The group starting down the 189 steps

There were ten of us Trailblazers today, making the journey from the Overlook down to the trail to take us to Raptor Ridge and back. It had been quite awhile since I have hiked there from this starting point, and I have to say it was really enjoyable. The company was also very nice, with one person new to me.

Linda, Helen, Persis, Edward, John, Leeann, Karen, Julie, Barb

The only person new to me was Persis, and the others are now becoming friends I am learning more about during each outing. They are a wonderful and caring group, and the hikes, while not completely new to me, are different than I'm accustomed to. I like that I'm learning more about our beautiful Chuckanut mountains.

Rock trail magnificence

I am very familiar with the Rock trail, and we traveled down it from the Overlook, until we came to the North Lost Lake trail, and followed it past Lost Lake until we got to the turnoff for Raptor Ridge. 

Columbines along the trail

We passed lots of flowers, and these red columbines appeared in clusters, looking quite happy and healthy. We haven't had much rain lately, but they don't seem dried out at all. We followed the trail until we found Raptor Ridge.

Leaving the Ridge after lunch

Unfortunately, I was so busy eating lunch and enjoying myself that I totally forgot to take any pictures from the Overlook. There was not all that much to see, other than our group and another with two dogs pretty much covering the entire area. But after having a much-needed break, we started back the way we had come.

Maidenhair ferns

I saw this amazing scene of my favorite ferns against a rock on our way back down, and the picture turned out better than I had hoped. It gives me such pleasure to see and share the beauty with you. Another fine outing with the Relaxed Senior Trailblazers, covering eight miles and 1,500 feet up and down. I will be coming back for more!



  1. Beautiful views! Thanks for taking us with you. (Hope Persis in her skirt doesn't fall.) Linda in Kansas

  2. Those stairs!!! Just looking at them makes me feel wobbly.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty. So very much.

  3. Ooooh. Native columbine, Aquilegia canadensis. Flowers from my childhood, growing along the country roadside in Oregon as we walked home from the strawberry patch.

  4. I'm so glad you have found such a good group. Love the ferns and the columbines. :)

  5. That's a long hike for somebody in her eighties! Way to hang in there.

  6. DJan, what a nice picture of your group--love seeing all the friendly faces. As for those 189 steps... that's pretty daunting. Also, 8 miles?? How in the world do you do it.

  7. It seems like you have landed in a good spot.

  8. Glad you found this group for your Thursday outings, Jan. Everything looks so lush!

  9. I just love scrolling down looking at your pictures. Love every single one.

  10. Love all those fern! And going down those steps didn't bother your knee, DJan?

  11. Relaxed and eight miles goes in the same sentence? How can that be...relaxed should be oh a mile maybe two!

  12. That's such a lovely hike. The columbines are so pretty. I loved the purple ones I used to have in my Illinois garden.

  13. 189 steps!@?! You are in great shape to do those!


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