Thursday, June 22, 2023

Feast for the eyes and heart

Beautiful purple poppy

 I spied this gorgeous poppy on my way back from my walk this morning, on East Maplewood. I went to the coffee shop, and then over to the Senior Center for an hour's Zumba class, since I didn't want to go either place the Trailblazers were going today. So I am missing a long hike, but really enjoyed walking through Cornwall Park and back onto one of my favorite areas, the East Maplewood short street that would take me home.

The owner of this flower said I was the second person today to stop to take a picture of it, and after a short introduction, he asked if I had ever visited his backyard garden. No, I said, and he opened the gate and said I could stay as long as I wanted. It's a beautiful half-acre garden!

One of many different paths throughout

As I wandered around, seeing all the gorgeous flowers and plants, I also saw lots of glass ornaments, as well as a few others. Lonnie (the guy) told me they are all local artist creations that he and his wife have amassed over the years. I thought some might be Chihuly creations, which I have seen in museums and other local gardens, but he said no. I guess they are all a bit different from Chihuly's original designs. 

A bird and a pretty squiggle amongst the flowers

I found this lovely seating arrangement in the middle of the garden, and I thought how nice it would be to have this place to visit in the middle of a sunny warm Pacific Northwest summer's day:

A nice breeze wafted through

Lonnie told me I could come and visit anytime I might want, but it isn't a place that someone like me would feel comfortable hanging out in without the owners, and he seems very busy and filled with numerous ongoing tasks. The missus was inside doing something, so I never did get to meet her. But it was such a nice gesture.

Foxgloves in splendor

As you can see from the blue, blue sky behind these beauties, it's definitely turning into summer glory and summer heat cannot be far behind. We are already twenty degrees warmer today than we were just two days ago. I will adapt, eventually, but until then, I'll be limiting my full sun hikes and walks. I don't do well when it gets too hot.

Flowers everywhere

And who knows? I might be forced to find my way back to this lovely backyard again, just to enjoy its serene beauty once more. Usually my Thursdays will be spent, as usual, hiking with the Trailblazers, but there might be another hot day when I find my way back to this place. Thanks for letting me wander through your garden, Lonnie!



  1. How wonderful to be invited to this lovely garden. You are indeed fortunate, and you should take the owner up on his offer. Those of us with wonderful back yards really would like to share them with others. I have invited a few friends to come enjoy my backyard but so far no one has shown up and accepted my offer. And, I really wouldn't mind if I had to be elsewhere while they enjoyed their time out there. Our house sitter made the comment about the wonderful yard and house after her stay here. She enjoyed her time cat sitting and caring for the yards and house and said she would enjoy doing it again. She even took photos, like you did, to share with her friends.

  2. I too would like to have people stop by in my garden, but it is off the beaten path, so to speak, and also I don't want it too well known what we have here because of the crime in the neighborhood.

  3. DJan you always manage to find new adventures, don't you? Lonnie's half acre garden is beautiful and I loved the purple poppy at the toppy. Wonderful pictures. 🙂

  4. Surprise, surprise ! It isn't often you find a hidden garden like this. This guy probably means well but it's a little creepy that you have an open invitation from a complete stranger.

  5. How gracious a gentleman for him to want to share his little oasis! You might have to wander past again on a hot day. ;) Just to sit in the shade in that back garden...ahhh!

  6. I have never seen a poppy in that colour - and will try and track it down. How lovely of Lonnie to invite you in to enjoy his garden - and what a beautiful oasis for a hot summer's day.

  7. That is a beautiful Poppy! Unusual color! Lonnie sounds like a nice man:)

  8. That is no regular garden, so I am sure that he likes it to be appreciated by others.

  9. Very nice of Lonnie to let you into his backyard.

  10. That really is a beautiful Poppy! And I agree with Dug that you do find 'new adventures'... Lonnie's garden being one! You might want to return some day (possibly take a friend with you?)

  11. That is a colourful garden. What a lovely place to take in nature! Stay cool, Jan. I know you will.

  12. That was very friendly of Lonnie. What a lovely oasis that would be! I'd love to take a book and a cup of coffee back there.


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