Thursday, June 8, 2023

Lily, Lizard Lakes and North Butte

Our all-female group today (Julie took the picture)

 Another fine day with my newest BFFs, the group I hiked with today. There were eight of us women, and I would have added the picture that I took, but you couldn't see Karen back in the shadows, so this is the one I chose. They are lovely people, and there were no new people to me, although that is about to change. Barb (third from left) is also in charge of another group (the Happy Wanderers, Group 3) and it sounds like it is right for me: shorter hikes at a slower pace, on Tuesdays. The only problem I see is that I wouldn't be able to make the Zumba class on the same day of the week.

Blanchard Mountain has wonderful trees

Again, as I've done before, I looked up to see this glorious view of the trees. We started at the Upper Trailhead on Blanchard Mountain, which also has recently added a new toilet, which we all took advantage of before heading off on our trek to both lakes. We went first to Lizard Lake, which is at the lowest level I've ever seen it.

Lizard Lake

From here, we headed up to North Butte, on a bit of a hazy but very nice day indeed. Traversing up the side of the hill, the trail took us to the Butte, where someone has placed a steel bench, new to all of us! Very heavy, we speculated how it might have gotten here: a wheelbarrow, a helicopter, or some other unknown mode of transportation.

Lunch at the new bench

I've been to this spot before, and I knew that if I were able to squeeze out over the ledge, I could see Mt. Baker. Helen held onto me while I got this picture, without being able to capture the entire mountain, this is as much as I could get.

Mt. Baker peeking from behind the trees

After lunch, we headed back to the trail that would take us to Lily Lake. We didn't actually go all the way down to the lake, but I was able to see it from the trail, and that was good enough.

Looking through the trees at Lily Lake

It was so pretty to see the lily pads, and some of them had flowers as well. This trail would take us to Max's Shortcut, which of course we reminded ourselves doesn't cut off any distance, but gave us a nice way to return to our starting trail. We covered a good nine miles and somewhere around 1,500 feet of elevation, which made it one of the more strenuous hikes I've done in years. And to top it off, I feel pretty good as I sit here at home writing this. It was a wonderful day, with cool temperatures and a light breeze, and really great company! Another fine day in the Pacific Northwest. I am so grateful.



  1. So glad you have found a good group of ladies to hike with. Maybe you could do the Tuesday hike and go to Zumba in the wintertime on Tuesdays? Just a thought. That Tuesday group sounds so perfect for you!

  2. Beautiful scenery DJan, you have a real photographers eye. That's a very nice looking group of hikers you have there too. It amazes me, the height of those trees! đŸ™„

  3. It's refreshing to be up high enough to be in cooler air.

  4. How lovely - on all fronts. Thank you.

  5. How nice to be in that beautiful environment. Enjoy!

  6. That shot of the trees is incredible! You have adapted well to the change is walking partners, Jan.

  7. That looks like a really nice group of women to hike with. Glad you found them, DJan.

  8. Such a happy day! I wonder - do those "new" people go out in the winter the way that you and Melanie do?

  9. That haze meant moisture returning to our atmosphere after a very dry spell. Now today we have rain. Thank goodness. It will help a bit to lower the fire danger in those magnificent forests.

  10. Another hiking option for you so that is good:)


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