Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Happy Wanderers

South Hill road

Today, I joined the third of the Senior Trailblazers group, called the Happy Wanderers, as we walked from Fairhaven Park to Julie's home for a lovely spread before continuing on our 6.2-mile walk, mostly on streets like this one.

A wonderful spread

Julie, who lives in the South Hill area of Bellingham, opened her home to the group for a delightful repast before we continued on with our hike. Since it was raining lightly, all fourteen of us hikers took off our shoes and raincoats before settling in for an amazing treat. Apparently Julie likes to entertain guests in her lovely home, and since she did this last year, now it's become a tradition. Not one I would skip if I could help it! A few others who were not hiking also joined us.

Terry gazing out at the deck, with Bellingham Bay beyond

It's a truly beautiful home, and I can  see why she likes to share it with friends. You can see that the deck is wet out there, but we really enjoyed the break and the food, before we set out to finish our hike.

Foxglove in a neighbor's garden

By the time we returned to our hike, the rain had lessened to just a light mist, and we went up and down the roads that our hike leader, Barb, had planned out ahead of time. No one minded a little rain, since we have needed it badly, with Bellingham being quite a bit behind its average precipitation for this time of the year.

Everything is in bloom

The abundance of beautiful flowers and trees on this particular part of our town continues to delight my senses. These are roses that smell strong enough that even those (like me) with a damaged olfactory sense could be blown away by the intense fragrance. 

View of the bay

On one street, we saw a really marvelous view of Bellingham Bay, where people who live in the area can see such sights all the time. I, however, soaked up as much gorgeousness as I could, since I only see such sights through a drive or a walk. South Bay residents probably have forgotten what it's like for those who cannot afford to live surrounding with such luxury. Fortunately for me, I can gaze and enjoy it whenever I'm out taking a "forest bath."

So now I have taken a trip, at least one, with all three of the Senior Trailblazer hiking groups. The Happy Wanderers hike on Tuesdays, and the other two on Thursdays. I am incredibly fortunate to have such abundance to choose from. And I'm reconnecting with some old friends, as well as meeting new ones. Life is good.



  1. You are fortunate to have such a richness of hiking opportunities and such good company with whichever you choose. And sometimes they even feed you!

  2. What a great group...and you have a couple more to choose from, too. What a blessing to have the forests and mountains and hills nearby and all these great people. :)

  3. Gosh, how awesome DJan! Julie has some beautiful views from her home (and the food didn't look so bad either, haha). I enjoyed the floral photos too, lovely post. :^)

  4. How wonderful. On so many levels. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us.

  5. What a lovely day all round. Even in the rain!

  6. Good for you! I am glad you are trying different groups!!

  7. How generous is that lady opening her home and providing lunch. A wonderful walk around town.

  8. Welcome to the First Official Day of Summer!

  9. So glad to hear you are reconnecting with your hiking buddies. They all sound like super people to have as friends. And we all need more good friends.

  10. I enjoy this sort of socializing, too.


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