Tuesday, June 6, 2023

A year later

My neighbor's iris

Last year around this time, our front steps were torn down and rebuilt. Since it is the only direct way to gain access to our front porch, we were forced to go down the back steps and onto the short driveway that goes from the back of the apartment complex to the front. This meant I needed to pass by my neighbor Linda's flowers, and I was treated to a view of her lovely iris. I don't think I have ever seen this variety before, and I was enchanted. And I meant to see them again this year.

While pondering what to write about for this Tuesday post, I decided to go outside and see what the iris look like right now. Since the steps have been rebuilt, I have no reason to see them, unless I make an effort to do so, like I did a few minutes ago. Aren't they unusual? I think so, being quite familiar with the lovely purple variety that grows abundantly in most gardens.

Here is also a picture of my front porch flowers for this year. I've been slow getting going with them, but I posted a picture on my other blog and figure one belongs here, too. It will look different later in the season, but for now, here it is:

Lots of panies and other pretty flowers

For some reason, I am reluctant to spend much time on flowers this year, and I've decided to sit out the community vegetable garden, too. I just can't seem to generate much excitement, but that may change. 

Resident unnamed cat

This guy actually belongs to some nearby neighbors, but he seems to have adopted our apartment complex in recent years. Sometimes I see him coming out of other people's apartments, so he must be getting fed by them. It's nice to see him around fir whatever reason. He comes and goes, sometimes I don't seem him for weeks, but then I'll find him asleep here on one of his favorite spots. It's a nice addition to our place, I think. He is a neutered male, I'm told. I wouldn't know how to tell myself.

Well, that's about it for the day. I do hope you are having some nice weather wherever you are, and that you are enjoying the lovely season how, and ahead.



  1. The flowers are pretty. If resident Cat shows you his privates, or really raises his tail up as he walks away, and you can't see any little bitty baby balls (testicles), he's neutered. If he doesn't spray to mark territory too much or fight with other cats, that's another sign. Hopefully he's not howling at night calling for girlfriends, which intact cats do a lot. Linda in Kansas

  2. Those are extra pretty irises. Your resident cat is quite handsome, too. :)

  3. Very sweet DJan, I love the mustache on that critter! 🙂

  4. I love both the iris and your garden - and of course I have a soft spot for the moggie.

  5. This is the best time of year for many flowers.

  6. It’s nice when a cat comes around and makes itself at home.

  7. :) on how to know if he is neutered:) :) Missing parts is a good clue:) Lovely Iris your neighbor has!

  8. Beautiful flowers! I love the iris and pansies. Gorgeous!

  9. The cat is a wonderful addition to the area!

    It isn’t raining here so it’s a bonus to the day!

  10. Flowers and kitties, not bad blog fodder.

  11. Your flowers are looking good and I like the story about the cat.


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