Thursday, February 25, 2021

Another Interurban adventure

Looking out at Bellingham Bay

We were really unsure of the weather this morning, so Melanie and I decided to walk the Interurban trail once again. It's becoming a pandemic urban standby, when we aren't sure of the conditions. We expected wind, some rain, and moderate temperatures, and that's pretty much what we got. Except the rain fell heavily last night, and let up for the few hours we were on the trail. More wind and more rain are still to come today, although we had a nice little window of respite.

Fifty shades of green

As we walked on the very wet but well tended trail, we skirted myriad puddles and made our way past the many trail markers until we got to the boundary of Larrabee State Park, our turnaround point. Our conversation covered the gamut, from the state of our sore ankles (both of us) to the latest movie options to stream. 

Tiny little sprouts in front of an old hemlock

We saw plenty of signs of the spring to come. Buds are just beginning to open on shrubs. Although it will be awhile before we see any flowers on this trail, there are other places around town where I see that the crocuses are beginning to flower.

Nancy's Garden

Sharp-eyed Melanie spied this carved owl, and we went to investigate and found this delightful little garden, complete with a stone bench and a sign that says, "Nancy's Garden, inspired by Nancy Arnold's love of family, friends and nature." And of course that lovely owl drew us right in.

Melanie in the garden

Mel was going to sit for her portrait, but the bench was way too wet. She chose instead to give her sore ankle a rest while I snapped this picture.

My turn

Then it was my turn. This will not be the only time I visit this sweet little grotto on the Interurban trail, and maybe next time I will be able to stay for awhile. We covered around 6.5 miles on this hike, and enjoyed every second of our time out and about in the beautiful and very green Pacific Northwest forest.



  1. Amazing that you are on the verge of spring already. The Owl grotto is lovely indeed.

  2. What a pretty spot to rest a bit! Encouraging to see buds! When you get Spring I am just two months behind!

  3. That is such a sweet and lovely spot to take a break and just being outdoors. OK... So do you have some good ideas for streaming movies?

    1. By the way, Apache Dug suggested the Netflix movie ‘The Half of It’ to me and we watched it tonight. It takes place in Squahamish and I told Art I’d bet it was in Washington state because I could swear you’ve mentioned it.

  4. 6.2 miles is a good hike. I'm sure the hike makes a big difference in your day.

  5. That was a pleasant find for you.

  6. Nancy must be a special person and what a really nice thing to do. Too bad you couldn't enjoy the bench.

  7. Hooray for Nancy and her family. And for the intrepid walkers.

  8. Forest bathing is best when you don't get wet.

  9. Nancy's Garden is a little treasure! I love when you take pics of the plants there. It is so lush. Definitely 50 shades of green! ;)

  10. You and Melanie have become the best of friends, or so it seems. Beautiful...definitely 50 shades of green!!

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  12. You wouldn't think the middle of a forest would have an oasis, but that owl, sign & bench sure was a sweet find. DJan, nice to see a photo with you in the picture too, you certainly look in your element. And after reading 6 1/2 miles... we have a day of sun today before a weekend of rain, I am going to make myself get out there. :)

  13. What a sweet little garden! Love your clothes, DJan.

  14. It's wonderful that you can always find a beautiful place to walk... and someone to walk with.

  15. I wish I could be is devoted to walking as you are but at -32 weeks ago and with Miss Lily having spinal disc problem send her back legs barely work I guess I have too many excuses to do it. Now that I am getting next week my first coal vaccine shot I hope to read gain some of the hobbies I did before modified for my age and infirmities I got a camera and plan go back to Montana not to fly fish in the amount's where I could drown for lack of balance but photograph the wildlife and lots of bust her tours over the summer to keep active. I want to be back in the game again despite the loss of my beloved.


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