Monday, July 6, 2020

Summer is in full swing

Front yard in summer
On Saturday, the 4th, I went for a solitary walk and saw this home with a rather exuberant front garden. I stopped to admire it and take a few pictures. There is a short walkway on the left that allows passage from the front of the house to the sidewalk. The picture, though, shows how all the recent rain has helped to create some delightful garden spots.
More abundance
This little patch of purple and red caught my eye on the Western Washington University campus. The roses were so fragrant, and I stopped for a while to admire and, well, smell the flowers. Bees were going crazy on the purple flowers.

Today, a few of my hiking buddies went on a nine-mile hike, which is a little far for me these days. I'm learning that I have limits, and as I slide deeper into elderhood, I need to remember that. Although some of my peers can continue to push their limits past what I can do right now, I am still very happy that a six-mile walk with lots of elevation gain and loss is still possible for me. That is what I managed on Saturday.

I'm finding that diet and exercise can continue right through the pandemic, even if it's a bit different these days. I still miss the gym and my social life, but visiting the coffee shop and then drinking coffee in sidewalk lawn chairs, socially distant from my friends, we can still enjoy ourselves.
My garden patch
I just went down to the garden to get a couple shots to show you how it's going out there. All those carrots, nestled between the tomato plants and the radishes, are ready to be harvested, or thinned. I know nothing about how to do it, but I guess I'm going to have to try to find out.
Summer squash
Fortunately, nothing needs to be done with these squash, other than pulling them off the vine and bringing them inside for eating. They are good raw or cooked, and they are going great guns out there! I love them shredded raw in salads.

And although I'm not showing off any pictures of the ripe raspberries yet, it's time for me to spend some time picking them and enjoying them right off the vine. I did manage to eat enough while taking these pictures to give myself a bit of a tummy ache. Once you start, it's hard to stop...


  1. Those pictures are so beautiful. You make me want to go there and pick from your garden. I also love seeing the plants growing in front of people's homes.

  2. Mmmm, raspberries, that is a wonderful garden treat. As for those squash, you can keep those. I am not a summer squash kind of gal, but when I'm given some, I find a way to fix them and we eat them as I know they are good for us. I baked butternut squash for dinner last night as it had been in the freezer since January. Figured it was time to be eaten. I love butternut squash.

  3. Loving your garden. Envying you fresh raspberries (my very favourite berry).
    And a big hooray for recognising your limits (which are well above my capacity) and keeping going.
    Cyber hugs dear friend.

  4. Raspberries have acid...but I can understand the temptation. Your garden area looks so healthy! And your solo walk definitely was a time well spent!

  5. You sound much more content in this post. Knowing and accepting our limits is important, and so is continuing to challenge ourselves. I'm working on accepting right now, while working hard to stay mobile.
    Our raspberries are ripe and we are enjoying them. I love raspberries.

  6. Having once visited the famous Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, I can appreciate the climate you folk have for floral abundance.

  7. At this time of year plants mature rapidly. Enjoy the product.

  8. Your garden looks great! Have fun thinning the carrots! That purple flower looks like Nepta Walkers Low...marvelous plant for bees:)

  9. Your garden was a great investment. Those dividends are so yummy.
    You may feel limited in your exercise compared to what you use to do but you are way ahead of most people your age. Your determination and drive have paid off.

  10. Lovely flowers and it looks so lush everywhere--including your garden--LOL! Baby carrots are delicious! You may have some limits now but you are still very active! :)

  11. absolutely lovely! You can keep the raspberries though; for some reason, just never really into raspberries.

    And I'm super impressed that you are still working the six mile hikes, girlfriend!

  12. Summer is growing well there!

    Six miles sounds perfect to me!

  13. Amazing how well things grow for you!

  14. Smelling the roses is the right approach in these awful days of the pandemic! :-)

  15. Wow! That house has a blooming barrier. Your garden looks as though you'll have a plentiful harvest. Have you ever tried roasted squash salad? It's delicious with a cooked maple syrup, mustard, and apple juice dressing. I really haven't gone more than 5 miles so far on the trails this summer. I agree, it's best to know your limits when you're in your 70's.


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