Thursday, July 9, 2020

Soggy trail but fun anyway

Lake Padden sign at trailhead
Well, after days and days of sunshine and delightful weather, it started raining Wednesday evening and kept going into Thursday morning, just in time for our hike. We decided to go anyway, although we didn't bring Joe along (Dianne's sweet dog), since he hates to walk in the rain. The Lake Padden main trail goes around the lake in 2.6 miles, so we figured we'd probably just go once around and call it a day.
Melanie and Dianne, my walking companions
It was raining and on the cool side, but if you enlarge the above picture, you'll see that there were some young people swimming in the lake. I asked one person as he left the water whether the water is cold. "Yes, very much so." He shivered as he made his way over to his clothes. I'm not sure what they are preparing for, but it was fun to watch.
Lake Padden
And then the rain began to lessen, almost stop for awhile. We decided to go ahead and make a second loop of the lake, as well as to take a side trip up the Padden Gorge, adding another mile (almost, anyway) to our day's mileage. We ended up going more than six miles and enjoying our trip much more than we originally thought we would.
Canadian geese lolling in the grass
These geese are obviously very accustomed to people. They weren't fazed by our presence, and continued to groom themselves and just chill out, probably enjoying the fact that the rain quit, just like we did.
Tasty daisies
We saw two enormous slugs enjoying themselves on these pretty daisies. Obviously these guys can climb quite well. Some people don't like slugs, but I have learned to appreciate them, even if I am not exactly finding them warm and fuzzy. More like slimy and slithery.

When we ended our walk, the rain picked up again, just a little, but we ended up having had a pretty wonderful and mostly rain-free excursion. We are now happy and feeling much better after our morning exercise.


  1. I wasn't sure if you were okay or what...I missed you visiting today. Lovely walk in spite of the weather. I walked only 3 miles today in spite of the heat. Lol

    1. Happy knowing it was no feed...thought maybe you were sick!

  2. You always amaze me with your walks in miserable weather Jan. This walk sounds appealing but for the rain.

  3. We are not exactly water-rationed yet but we are getting daily reminders to limit watering to the prescribed times, which is every second day in early morning or evening only. I give the flowers a hand or hose water daily, but we aren't using a sprinkler.

    That is quite the slug. Not at all pretty.

  4. Six miles is a very good walk. To do it in some rain takes determination.

  5. Good for you. We had very little rain in the city this morning, and almost none here on Whidbey Island. I have had several walks on the beach road.

  6. That sounds and looks lovely. As usual I would be more than glad to take some of that rain from off your hands.

  7. I was wondering what was on the Daisy! So glad you had a good hike! Perhaps the dog needs a rain coat!

  8. Beautiful photos! I would love to do more hiking. My friend and I did Skookum Flats/Falls up by Mt. Rainier a month or so ago. I love being outside! I'm not a fan of slugs and didn't realize that they could climb so well. No wonder the petunias in my planter are being eaten!

  9. Didn't recognize the slug. Don't think I have ever seen one chowing down. Neat picture.
    You all managed to make a great day out of a damp one and stayed safe doing it. My dog hates getting wet also.

  10. I'm like Joe -- don't like to walk in the rain.

  11. So slugs eat flowers? I know nothing about them. Look pretty creepy to me--LOL!
    Was a nice, longer walk after all. Glad of that. :)

  12. Ugh - slugs! They are so destructive that I do what I can to get rid of them. I always wonder what slugs and mosquitos are good for.

    Yesterday my 100 year old artist friend and I walked on the beach from the zoo to Duke's restaurant in Waikiki. We wanted to go before the tourists come back to Hawaii. It was SO uncrowded and wonderful that way. We took off our slippers and walked in the water and sand in a slow and leisurely pace. Then we had lunch and a decadent dessert named "hula pie". I was pooped when I got home and had to take a nap. I give you a lot of credit for taking such long walks and hikes.


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