Monday, July 27, 2020

Hot time in the old town tonight

Rose beauty
Well, all that cool and cloudy weather we had last week is long gone. I just returned from an early walk, since it's getting way too hot in the middle of the day for me. Right now it's 74°F, which is about as hot as I ever want it to get. I know that there are lots of people who think that's on the cool side, but I'm not one of them. It is expected to get over 80° this afternoon, but Seattle is expecting it to reach the mid-nineties. Summer has definitely come to the Pacific Northwest. Somehow, I'll make it through.
Lady ferns and maidenhair ferns
We have so many beautiful ferns growing in the forests around here, and I just happened last week to see this juxtaposition of two of my favorite ones: lady ferns and maidenhair ferns. I learned some interesting information about them from those links. The maidenhair are those in the middle, looking roundish, and the outside ones are the lady ferns. Lady ferns are edible, enjoyed by grizzly bears, elk, and deer. From that link:
The leaves of the lady fern were used by native tribes to cover or place food onto, especially for berry drying. The fiddleheads were eaten in early spring. Lady ferns are a very popular landscaping fern due to their graceful and lacy frond.
I have always loved the maidenhair fern, because of its different look. I imagined its name came from perhaps young maidens placing them on their heads to look like a crown, but the name comes from quite a different source:
Maidenhair fern history is quite interesting. Its genus name translates to “non wetting” and refers to the fronds’ ability to shed rainwater without becoming wet. In addition, the plant is the source of an aromatic, volatile oil commonly used as a shampoo, which is where its common name of maidenhair derived.
So I've learned something interesting about these lovelies, and I've passed it along to you as well. I guess I've done enough today to give myself permission to continue my binge watching activity. I can never seem to find a way to stop, unless I get completely bleary eyed or fall asleep.


  1. I have to ride my bike - my most common form of exercise - very early in the morning before it heats up. Right now it is 101 outside. I would relish a 10-degree drop!

  2. Ferns are such lovely plants. They are in peak season here too. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for the information - learning things before first light is an excellent start to my day.
    Stay cool, stay safe.
    And I am with you on the temperature front. All the way.

  4. Love ferns and had them by the bushel in Florida, sadly none here. Not enough shade.
    Seventy four sounds like delightful sweater weather but it is all what we are use to.

  5. How interesting about the ferns, which by the way, are some of my most favorite plants.
    I'm with you on the excessive heat DJan, 96 lovely degrees here today, and 100 percent humidity, it's all a body can do to stay upright :)
    Thank you for your lovely comments on Oliver's passing, your support was truly appreciated.

  6. Ha. I remember when we lived in Colorado & watching the weather report with us at freezing, and Texas (in the south) at 45° in winter telling Bud what a bunch of "wusses" they are. Now I'm one of those wearing sweaters at 70°. Pretty ferns.

  7. Very few ferns here but I do like all the ferns you have.

  8. Interesting about the ferns. I have a friend who fries the fiddleheads in the spring...not so sure I would do that :) Take care stay safe:)

  9. 74 sounds very good to me. It is only going to to 86 here today, and the humidity has dropped somewhat. We’ve had a brutal 3 days with both high temps in the 90s plus high humidity.

  10. Interesting info. We have hanging ferns on two sides of the living room: Boston ferns and Macho ferns. Beautiful to look at.

  11. The maidenhair is one of my favourite ferns. Thank you for researching its origin. Always interesting to find out how something gets its name.

  12. I love maidenhair ferns but have been very unsuccessful growing them in the house. When I stayed at a lovely Airbnb in California, the homeowner had a bay window with a large pot of maidenhair - about 4' wide. It was absolutely gorgeous. She said it took a lot of learning and figuring out how much water and how frequent before it really took off and thrived. One day, I shall also have a big gorgeous one in the house.

  13. I love those ferns too. We have both in our garden.
    I am ignoring the heat fairly well, pretty much stuck in the house battling some recovery complications. Our air conditioner kicks in at 75, but the upstairs has to be opened up and fans on for sleeping. Fortunately is still cools down at night.


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