Thursday, July 2, 2020

A day on the Salal trail

Starting up the Hemlock trail
It was supposed to rain today, so we decided to take a hike where we could turn around at any time, or extend if we wanted. It was Melanie and me, taking the Hemlock trail up to the Lower Salal trail, then to the regular Salal, and then back down the Hemlock. We could have made it longer by adding in a jaunt up the Huckleberry trail, but I decided to keep it short, to see how my lower back did with more than a thousand feet of elevation gain and loss.
Must be tasty
We saw lots of old trillium plants, and this one was certainly well chewed, for some reason. You can see the spent blossom remnants in the middle. It was pretty perfect temperature for hiking, on the cool side, and occasionally we felt a light mist but no real rain.
Melanie on the Salal 
It was really nice to see how beautiful and green everything is. Yesterday it rained most of the day, and a few puddles still dotted the trail, but mostly nothing stopped us from having a good time.
Lovely Lower Salal trail
It's hard to say enough nice things about this trail. Melanie took me on it earlier this spring, and I was pleased to learn that I am stronger today than I was before, and that the elevation didn't bother me as badly as I feared. It helped me to consider going on a bit longer trails in weeks to come.
Really big mushroom
We ran across an entire patch of these big mushrooms. Many of them had been munched on, making me think they are probably not poisonous. However, I am not willing to take any chances by tasting them myself. Anybody know what it is?
I asked Mel to take a picture of me in my newest mask. Almost everyone we met on the trail was wearing one, although we were outside and probably safe. If someone didn't have one on already, they pulled it up as we passed by. Nobody wants to catch the virus, as it's beginning to surge around the country, and our own Whatcom County is not immune.

Getting exercise is a good way to keep my system healthy, and I truly enjoy these Thursday trips with my dear friend Melanie. I hope we can keep on doing them until our regular Thursday hikes can resume. We covered six miles and more than 1,000 feet of elevation. It was a really good way to spend four hours of our day. Hoping for more like this!


  1. It looks an absolutely wonderful day in beautiful surroundings. I am so very glad that your back is recovering and your strength returning.

  2. Love that first pic, DJan. Everything looks so green and lush!
    So glad you are able to do these hikes.

  3. The hike sounds wonderful, through such a spectacular setting. That first makes me envious.

  4. What a cool looking mushroom! It's scaly like a shaggy mane, but the wrong shape.
    That does look like a beautiful trail. Good to know you can handle some steepness again.

  5. Looks to me to be a mist perfect day for hiking. Everything verdant. Texas now has mandated virus masks...Washington?

    Anyway, I enjoyed tagging along. As always.

  6. It looks so nice and cool there!

  7. I just love the greenery. Awesome! You have such a good time with such good friends.

  8. Such a beautiful trail! And I bet the cool mist felt wonderful!

  9. Love your new mask and delighted to learn that the people there are taking it seriously. What a delightful place to visit. The outing had to be great for your physical health but had to also be good for your mental health what with all this isolation.

  10. Everywhere so green and lush.
    Glad you enjoyed your hike, and your back cooperated.
    Happy 4th dear friend.

  11. So glad you got out for a hike and did great! Stay safe!

  12. Congrats on your improved stamina.

  13. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with. It is always great to get out and enjoy a nice hike and glad that everyone around was being safe when passing. Have a great rest of your day.
    Greg Prosmushkin


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