Saturday, July 13, 2019

Saturday with an injury

Lily, me, and John as babushkas
Since I couldn't go walking with the ladies this morning because of my hurt tailbone, Lily decided she'd go to the coffee shop with me instead of walking. Now, I can certainly walk but just v-e-r-y slowly. No way could I keep up, so after our coffee we three headed over to Whole Foods for breakfast. We played with the Messenger app that allows us to put on different disguises, and I especially liked this one, with John looking quite fetching in his scarf. I love this app, and we do this when we want to have some innocent fun.
Beautiful bouquets
Then John dropped us off at the Farmers' Market, which is open only on Saturdays, and we walked around, hoping to see the ladies. They met for the walk this morning in front of the market, but alas, we didn't see anybody.
Interesting raspberries
We did see lots of wonderful fruits and veggies, and the best time to look at things like this is when you're full, which we were. So we didn't buy anything but enjoyed looking. I don't think I've ever seen raspberries that color before.

I did buy some CBD ointment to put on my keister, hoping to speed up the healing process. That was one hard hit I took, but it's been less than two days and it's already getting better. This morning I was able to do my exercises in total, while yesterday they were very truncated. A massage yesterday really helped, too.

It has occurred to me that the way I am moving around right now is more like most mid-septuagenarians walk: carefully and slowly. I don't like it one bit, but it has made me mindful of my usual vigorous activity, and the need to appreciate it while I'm still able to do it. This won't last forever, but for now I'm injured.


  1. Sadly I understand the slow and careful walking thing (particularly on uneven ground). I do hope you heal quickly.
    Apricot coloured raspberries are new to me too - and I wouldn't have been able to resist them.

  2. I know that walk. That is how it is on those days when I can’t quite get my back to straighten up and it takes all of my effort to hold myself erect and move my legs at the same time. It’s that old peoples walk that I am not the least bit happy about. Mine is a continuing battle. Hopefully yours it’s a short term for now.

  3. Hi DJan,

    I hope you don’t mind if I tag along. Not sure how I arrived here, but I do see a familiar face. I have been a slacker lately when it comes to blogging, but it is a rainy afternoon here in Colorado and I find I have been hopping around on my IPAD...and your blog spoke to me. JANEY

  4. Take it easy for a few days and you’ll be good as new, Jan.

  5. We really dislike being slowed down. When we're older things take longer to heal.

  6. Your first photo is cute! Injuries are the pits. Hope you heal quickly.

  7. Yikes. Sounds like you hit hard when you fell. Hopefully, with some pain med and lots of rest, you will be ready to hit the trail very soon.

  8. Glad you are still mobile if cautious. Sometimes we need something like that to make us appreciate how great our normal is. Keep healing.

  9. I hope you heal rapidly. That photo of the three of you is awesome. I don't own a smart phone, so I don't know anything about apps. David and I own flip phones used only in the car or the store. Otherwise, we use a landline.

  10. Aww, hope you get better quickly DJan.
    It seems to take a long time in getting back to normal, when you bruise your tailbone.
    Healing wishes sent your way.

  11. So nice of Lily to come with you to the coffee shop instead. I hope you continue to get better rapidly. I was just down to hopping on one leg not so long ago, so I appreciate walking with a slight limp. ;)

  12. Hope you improve everyday. I believe those are golden raspberries:)

  13. Glad it's getting better. When you're already healthy, it helps the healing process. Btw, I use a CBD ointment on my bad knee. I don't know if it heals anything, but I do believe it helps alleviate the pain. (That, plus daily physical therapy that I do on my own).

  14. Dear DJan, I went back and read your Thursday posting so as to discover what happened that kept you from walking on Saturday. So sorry that you fell on the boardwalk. What wonderful friends you have who helped you up and back to town. What a shock that must have been. I so help that every day your sacrum is feeling better. Peace.


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