Thursday, July 25, 2019

My Thursday exercise

Out the door and down the steps
Another Thursday when I cannot go out with the Senior Trailblazers on one of my favorite hikes, the Chain Lakes loop. But I decided to head out to catch the bus downtown and pretend like it's not Thursday. The day was a perfect temperature, in the low 60s (around 16°C) with lots of sunshine. The trip to the bus is about a 15-minute walk at my current pace.
My chariot
Our bus system has a few spots for people to take a bike to use once they get to town. And when you get to know the bus drivers, they are very friendly and helpful.
My favorite coffee shop
My first stop is always Avellino's, my favorite place to start the day's activities and meet up with my pals. John was the only one there this morning, but he had some homemade dill pickles to share, which were just wonderful.
Shane making a latte, Carrie in the kitchen behind
Although it's just a little after 7:00am in the morning, Shane is ready to brighten my day with a smile and a double Americano. Sometimes I have a latte, but this morning I thought straight espresso was the way to go. Then, around 8:15, I left for the Y to get a little workout going.
Stationary bike
I usually warm up with twenty minutes on this stationary bicycle, which is very comfortable; I do an interval program and have worked my way back to using a Level 3 resistance. When I first got injured, I did the program at the lowest level but am now back to my normal resistance. I'm getting better, a bit at a time. I usually then take an hour-long strength and tone class, but today I skipped it, not feeling much like it. (I've also caught a summer cold.)
A nice front yard garden
After taking the bus back, I walked back home and noticed this lovely garden, with the gardener Judy working away. I said hello, and she smiled at me and asked if I wanted any summer squash. (It's all getting ripe and the time has come to share the bounty.)
Inside the garden
She invited me in, and I didn't mention to her that I have some zucchini squash in my own garden, because I always look forward to seeing how other people's produce tastes.
Two kinds of squash and strawberries
I selected these two delightful squash, and she asked if I like strawberries. Doesn't everyone? These were sweet and perfect, so much so they didn't make it all the way home.Yum!
My sister Norma Jean
Once home, I made myself some lunch and got on FaceTime to chat with Norma Jean, who is visiting her daughter and granddaughters in Virginia. She's staying in the basement, which is not quite finished, as you can see. It's her birthday today and I wanted to catch up with her. It was a nice visit, but I sure wish I could be with her to share some wine together. We'll have to do it separately, but I will definitely quaff a glass to celebrate her advanced years (she's younger than me).

Now it's late afternoon and time for me to take something to help dry up my runny nose and finish my latest book. Hopefully the Trailblazers are having a wonderful day. Melanie, I'm sure, will post pictures on Facebook, and I'll just have to reminisce, thinking of all the wonderful times I've gone there in previous years. I'm happy to have had a good day anyway.


  1. Looks like you had an enjoyable day! I love squash... especially when it's in a southern squash casserole.

  2. Be patient. don't over do it. At our age stuff needs time.

  3. It's fun to see you about and around on a non-hiking day. Stoping to talk to people is a good thing, and can be rewarding!

  4. You had a full day anyway. Maybe next week, or is it too early?

  5. Happy birthday Norma Jean.
    I am v glad (and unsurprised) you found a way to enjoy your day even without the Trailblazers.
    Those steps at your front door would daunt me.
    I hope your cold and your damaged body heal. Quickly. Completely.

  6. Sounds like you had a most prosperous day anyway. You go girl. Feel better soon.

  7. Sharing wine on facetime .... what a great idea! Hope your cold is better.

  8. I am LOVING seeing all the pictures of your day...places we have heard about but not seen. Gives a different perspective. Love it! Happy birthday to your dear sister!! :)

  9. Holy moley, those stairs are a bit of an exercise themselves with your poor bum. That stationary bike looks quite comfortable and doesn't have the dreaded bike seat like some have. Now I feel better about your using it.
    Seems you managed a really nice day though I know you'd rather be hiking. Soon.

  10. Despite your injury, you had a great day.

  11. Good to be out and about, even if you couldn't go on the hike.

  12. I was wondering what you were doing besides hiking! Hope you are better in a few weeks!


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