Thursday, July 18, 2019

Photo safari

Borage from my garden
Since I couldn't go hiking because last week's injury is ongoing, I decided to take pictures of flowers and post them instead. They are not wonderful pictures, but what is a person to do when she doesn't have a hike to chronicle? The group didn't go into the High Country because of rain, but frankly, today it is almost full sun. It could be different up in elevation, though. Anyway, I'm glad I didn't miss a fun summer hike.
Crocosmia (red) and hydrangea (blue)
I see these lovelies every time I climb the stairs to my apartment. They are just to the left of the stairs and I enjoy seeing their colors. I wandered around looking for some good pictures, hoping that my photo safari would give me some interesting shots.
Hedi's pretty begonias
Hedi has some nice flowers on her front porch; these are her favorites, but her coleus are also really pretty, too. I've got some to transfer into planters myself. Hers are awfully pretty though, don't you think?
Coleus and an unidentified succulent
I ventured into our community garden, where some of us have flowers amongst the vegetables. I planted snapdragons and cosmos, which are doing quite well, even thriving, on my special brand of benign neglect.
Mishmash of pretty flowers
I should at least go out there and take out the weeds, but I'm not very much inclined to. Our zucchini is beginning to take over a whole section of the garden, and I'm eating it as fast as I can. Others are also helping; there's enough for everybody, or will be in another week or two.
Fragrant yellow rose
My garden neighbor to the east of me inherited all of Rob's lovely plants, including this yellow rosebush, which smells divine in the full sun.
As one enters and exits the garden gate, Carter has planted some nasturtiums for us to enjoy. One year I put these in my garden and they took over. You can also see the shadow of the photographer. I almost cropped it out,  but then I thought, why not leave it? I notice I always lift my little pinky when taking these shots.
Today's hikers
 Melanie sent me this picture of today's Senior Trailblazers, but the resolution is so low that I cannot identify everybody. Fourteen of them, in all, and I do hope they had a wonderful day. Mine wasn't bad: I walked to the bus and went to the Y, lifted weights and rode the exercise bike. At least I was able to get my steps in!


  1. Photographing flowers is fun. They pose for you.
    It sounds like you did quite a bit for someone who is injured.

  2. Such beautiful flowers. So grateful for the sun after yesterday's rain. We walked from Whatcom Falls to our favorite coffee place in Fairhaven. A lovely walk through the trees and along the bay.


  3. You live in a colorful neighborhood. Take it easy and I hope the injury heals rapidly.

  4. Love the garden safari - and hope you are healing. Fast.

  5. Gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous D J

  6. It sounds like a wonderful day anyway, Jan. Maybe next Thursday...

  7. Gorgeous flowers everywhere! I don't know why but I have a soft spot for coleus. :)

  8. Summer is here! Most definitely. Beautiful flowers. Take care of that butt.

  9. What a good idea to mix flowers in with the veggies.

  10. You really have some lovely models to pose for you. I am a fan of begonias but all were so cheerful. You got that bum on a bike?? Yikes--that hurt me to think about it. Sounds like you aren't far from full recovery.

  11. I for one enjoyed your photo safari! Hope you are seeing some improvement!

  12. I adore hydrangeas and this one is spectacular. That yellow rose is also a favorite. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  13. Well, if you can't commune with nature on a hike, you can at least commune with flowers at home ... nice pics!


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