Thursday, August 2, 2018

Hannegan Pass 2018

Heading up the Hannegan Pass trail
Today a total of thirteen Senior Trailblazers met to hike up the Hannegan Pass trail in the Mt. Baker wilderness. Al had given us the option of either going early, at 7:30am, or leaving at 8:00am. Nine showed up for the early hike, and only four of us for the later one. However, it turned out to be a great day, with a small intimate group, and we ran into the other group as they headed back down. The staggered leaving time helps to keep the hikes within the 12-person limit.
My guys waiting for me
Our group consisted of Melanie, the leader, Jim, Cathy, and me. It is a steep climb to the pass, and as usual (these days), I lagged behind somewhat on the first part of the hike. Mel and Jim are much stronger hikers than Cathy and me, but since the group was so small, there were no issues as we hiked along. We saw plenty of other groups, some going for the day, others with full backpacks for a longer stay.
Cathy, Melanie, me, and Jim
Our picture was taken by a nice person from another group at Hannegan Pass, where we rested for a bit and had our lunch. We had still not seen the earlier group, when meant they had headed up the trail to the peak. The day was cool and partly cloudy, and since I have done this hike in hot and sunny conditions, I was thrilled to have the wonderful coolness.
Trail towards the peak
After lunch, we decided to walk along the trail that leads to the peak until each person was satisfied and ready to stop or turn around. The clouds came and went, and I stopped fairly early on the trail that leads a steep mile to the summit and enjoyed just taking in the views. The other three headed on, but Melanie stopped soon after and decided to head back to the pass. This is about when I began to see the earlier group heading down. Half of their group had made it to the summit, while the others had stopped in a meadow and done what I did: enjoy the magnificent view.
My mountain view
As I made myself comfortable along the trail, I was able to greet all of the earlier Trailblazers on their way back down. We chatted about the wonderful day and I discovered from them that Cathy and Jim had decided to try for the peak. This meant I didn't have to hurry back down to the pass, as it would be taking them awhile to summit. So I sat and enjoyed looking at the clouds, the mountains, and the flowers.
Heading back down the valley
It took awhile all right, we waited more than an hour and I got to listen to some of Melanie's favorite songs she has on her iPhone. But finally we began our descent and reached the car around 6:00pm. A very long day, but one filled with many wonders. Cathy and Jim, half of our group, summited, and half of the other group did as well. The rest of us were just happy to have covered ten miles and around 2,600 feet elevation.

Now I am home, it's late, but I feel it was a most remarkable day. Tired and just  little sore, I could not have asked for a better way to have spent my Thursday. I love my fellow hikers and am thrilled to keep learning more about them.


  1. What a magnificent hike!
    The photos of your views are wonderful.
    Good for you for setting your own pace and just enjoying your surroundings.

  2. It looks absolutely amazing. Thank you for taking us along -and enjoy your totally deserved wine oclock.

  3. I understand your interest in looking around there Jan. What a gorgeous setting. Well worth the effort. A piece of heaven on earth.

  4. That was a very challenging hike and you did well on it. You had some perfect weather with a great view.

  5. What a beautiful spot to spend an hour!! ;)

  6. Wow, 10 miles of hiking. That is quite the trip. I couldn't do that.

  7. I am so glad you are listening to your body and making the hikes enjoyable instead of a grind. Ten miles is not chopped liver.

  8. I love your pics, DJan. Have I said that before... ???(think I have). Thanks so much for sharing them.

  9. Oh my..incredible scenery today, on your hike! I'm behind in visiting with you this week...have a glorious weekend D J

  10. Wow, you ended late at 6 pm. But, as you said, what a pleasant day.

  11. That was a long day! You did good for an older gal:)

  12. Absolutely gorgeous views. I had to show them to my granddaughter also who was quite impressed!


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